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Sunday, 24 May 2015, 16:00 AEST

Meeting opened at 16:06



  • Present: Steve, Pru, Michael, Andrew, Gideon (arrived 16:20), Craig (arrived 16:20), Gillian (observing)
  • Apologies: Kerry
  • Absent: Charles

Previous minutes

The minutes of the 26 April meeting be accepted:
  • Moved: Steve
  • Second: Pru
  • Carried without dissent.

Minutes to be published to the public wiki once formatted. It was noted that where possible, minutes be complete and if an agenda item was not discussed (or had substantial commentary) this should be noted.

Action items from previous meeting

  • ACTION: Steve to make initial approach to determine availability of WMF people and report initial response by next meeting (technically done, awaiting response) - A letter has been sent inviting Lila Tretikov to attend. Following response, Steve may approach other WMF people.
  • ACTION: Committee members to contribute ideas for speakers, organisations, contact people and topics for programme (in progress)
    • Issue regarding people differing as to what the conference is about - unclear goals, etc.
    • Discussion regarding suggestions getting shot down on committee list.
  • ACTION: Committee members to contribute ideas for organisations, contact people and value proposition for sponsorship (in progress)
  • ACTION: Kerry to investigate quotes from nearby hotel and put proposal for costs and reserving a block and timelines (done - clarification required on accomodation choice)
  • ACTION: Kerry, Steve and Gideon to propose costs for registration based on tiers. (in progress)
    • $20 per day for community (i.e. $60 for 3 days), higher for GLAM people. Concession was mentioned but not decided upon. Craig: anyone who can't pay the community one should have fee waived.
  • ACTION: Pru to make a form- call for presenters, to collect data in one place.
    • Discussion of how many options of session types for the invitation: 30 minute presentation or 1 hour workshop/tutorial. Pru to post proposal form in Google Doc for comment tonight.


Finance report

  • See File:2015-04 Wikimedia Australia Inc. - Cash Summary.pdf
    • Balance as of 30 April, 67,915.
    • $50 of Membership renewals, the only other activity of note is the ATO sending through BAS refunds of 92.00 and 587.00, which were expected per last month's report.
  • Update on movement-wide financial report
    • Summary of correspondence
  • Bank arrangements update
    • Discrepancy in balances to flag, I've asked for more information on this from Craig and will report in more detail next meeting.
  • Membership renewals update (9 more from May so far).
    • Need to discuss with Andrew offline.
  • Steven has been given read-only access to the Paypal account.

Membership report

  • On May 17, site was overhauled by Steve. "Join Now" on main page.
    • A new request appeared on May 20, so it must be working.
  • One new membership (applied May 20) - approved by comm. Michael to send invoice.
    • Action for Mike to write instructions for subscribing to notifications from the sign-up spreadsheet.

Berlin reports

Steve's conference report is being written up (summary to be given verbally)

  • Professionalising the website - Steven has done some work on this
  • Improving communications with stakeholders (eg Australian community)
  • Making it easier to donate (eg Paypal button)

Gillian expressed her appreciation to Wikimedia Australia for the opportunity to attend and represent the chapter at the Wikimedia Chapters Conference, Berlin. Committee thanked Gillian for her efforts and diligence.

ACTION: Gillian will email her report to the Committee list in the first instance for later publication.

Andrew was in Berlin during Chapters conference on a personal visit and reported to the committee on meetings (Wikidata, PEG and community).

Incoming correspondence

  • Email from Network Ten regarding article creation
    • discussed. Needs careful work with editing community.
    • ACTION: Steve to draft initial response.
    • AGENDA Item: To develop process for this kind of query
  • Email re Ned Kelly : Michael to reply.



  • Learnings from Berlin conference - 20 mins
    • ACTION: Everyone involved to write reports ahead of discussion at next meeting.
  • Delegation of committee work - defer to next meeting. ACTION: Steven to write up
    • ACTION: Steven to look at division of committee responsibilities by Friday.
  • Website update
    • SSL certificate purchase - committee agreed to purchase for $196 USD. ACTION: Michael to finalise.
    • Commercial provision discussed. LUV have resolved things and Michael has ongoing contact with them so the imperative to change isn't strong.
    • CiviCRM update - standalone has been discontinued - now a plugin for Drupal. ACTION: Michael to report at next meeting.
  • Conference update and discussion
    • Issue of attracting attendees was raised.
    • ACTION: All to read over the SLQ MOU and raise any issues by Friday. Craig to clarify issues with SLQ.

Discussion: Gillian raised the question of overall goal of the conference.

Meeting closed at 6:30pm

Next meeting: 1 June at 8pm AEST / 6pm AWST