Meeting:Committee (2015-04-26)

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Sunday 26 April 2015, 14:00 AEST

Meeting opened at 14:19 26 Apr 2015



  • Present: Steve, Gideon, Michael, Charles, Pru, Craig
  • Apologies: Andrew, Kerry (gave apology at previous meeting)
  • Absent: none

Previous minutes

The minutes of the 6 April meeting be accepted:
  • Moved: Steve
  • Second: Mike
  • Carried without dissent.


Finance report

  • Note from Steve - AIS has been submitted and Craig added to responsible persons list.
  • Invoices going out on Friday, ACTION: Andrew/Michael to check lists

Membership report

  • No new memberships

Incoming correspondence

  • Mail from PO box regarding enquiring about use of Wikipedia content.
  • Renewal notice for PO BOX - due 15 April.



  • None


  • Conference update and discussion
  • ACTION: Pru to make a form- call for presenters, to collect data in one place.
  • Registration: Basically EventBrite (approx 6-7% will go in fees - EventBrite + PayPal) or our own CiviCRM (2-3% will go in fees - PayPal only).
  • post event membership offer rather than inclusive for all registrations
  • Discussion about long-term funding & merchandise.

Meeting closed 15:12 AEST.