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Monday 6 April 2015, 20:00 AEST

Meeting opened at 20:04 (18:04 AWST)



  • Present: Steve, Gideon, Andrew, Michael, Pru, Kerry, Craig
  • Apologies: Charles
  • Absent: none

Previous minutes

The minutes of the 22 March meeting be accepted:
  • Moved: Steve
  • Second: Craig
  • Carried without dissent.

Action items from previous meeting


  • Pru and Steve to interview 3rd applicant asap, and report back to committee, Pru to send unsuccessful email to candidates 1 and 2 - done, awaiting response from Gillian as offer has been extended.


  • Steve and Michael to open second account for debit card. Then add Andrew and Gideon to additional account - not done - difficulties with Westpac - discuss in meeting
  • Steve to start drafting PEG application with Kerry's input on program and venue - not done - discuss this meeting
  • Steve to commence a page on comm wiki with criteria and application form - not done - would like to discuss in this meeting and then proceed


Finance report

As at 28 February
As at 31 March
  • Position in cash, $ 67,351.
  • 2015-03 Wikimedia Australia Inc. - Cash Summary.pdf
  • Outstanding reimbursements $501.98 (to Charles [F2F] and myself [Airshow]).
  • Expected upcoming costs. PO BOX $172, and Craig's reimbursement for some expenses he's been covering (amount not known).
Bank move update
  • In progress, issues with Westpac, Mike has sent a request for our contact to give us a call, to follow up with our account not yet being accessible. Noting that the resolution has passed, we have another account to open for issuing debit cards once we can get logged in.
BAS lodgements

I've lodged out activity statements to 31 Dec 2014 and 30 March 2015 this weekend. Because we are registered for GST but don't sell many memberships, we receive back most of the the GST we pay.

So expecting a total refund of $679. Our next BAS is due approx 11 August.


Invoices scheduled to go out on 1 May. Need to talk to Andrew before this to confirm that all current members receive an invoice.


Our ACNC Annual Information Statement should have been handed in by January but is not visible online. Steve, can you confirm whether we've submitted this?


Fixed file uploads on and wiki's. The plan is to upload these reports here for the meeting, then copy the PDF's to the public wiki immediately after the meeting for public consumption, so that Reports receives regular TLC.

Membership report

  • Membership drive and outreach - let's discuss strategy. (5 mins)
  • ACTION: Michael to fix new membership sign-up by creating a Google Form which we can subscribe to.

Incoming correspondence

  • Mail from PO box regarding enquiring about use of Wikipedia content - Steve to respond
  • Renewal notice for PO BOX - due 15 April.
  • ACTION: Michael to pay via PayPal as discussed.



  • Camera equipment program - amendment of large equipment support section
The text of the "Large equipment support" section of the Camera equipment program is amended to the below:

"Wikimedia Australia will reimburse applicants $1000 for photography equipment for each contribution of at least 2000 of their own freely licensed photos to Wikimedia Commons. While the criteria for reimbursement is at the discretion of the committee, in general, the photos must be reasonably usable and suitably categorised - when applying, the committee will request a link to uploaded photos, in order to determine eligibility. Applicants can only receive this reimbursement once every financial year."

  • Moved: Steve
  • Second: Craig
  • Carried without dissent.

ACTION: Steve to amend the text of the program as documented above - done


  • Admin assistance update - 5 mins

Contractor is free to undertake any activity in a voluntary capacity so long as this work does nothing to bring Wikimedia Australia into disrepute. (Redacted)

ACTION: Committee to comment on the Admin assistance schedule in the Google doc by 12 April. Pru, Steve and Michael to continue negotiations on basis of final version.

Venue - Brisbane

The venue for the national conference in October 2015 (at this stage named WikiConference Australia) will be held at the State Library of Queensland, in Brisbane. Resolution passed 5 to 2 with 1 abstention at 20:04, 31 March 2015 (AEDT)

Steve, Kerry, Craig, Michael, Pru
Gideon, Andrew

Gideon requested it be minuted that he believes the choice of the venue as Brisbane is not in the best interest of our members.

Venue - Perth

The venue for the national conference in October 2015 (at this stage named WikiConference Australia) will be held at the Curtin University, in Perth. Resolution unsuccessful 3 to 0 with 5 abstentions at 20:04, 31 March 2015 (AEDT)

Gideon, Andrew, Charles
Craig, Steve, Michael, Kerry, Pru.


Confirmation of 2 day main event: Sat and Sunday with Monday as unconference/technical program

  • ACTION: Kerry, Gideon and Steve to draft this by Thursday 9 April in preparation for Friday meeting with SLQ

Potential presenters: Jimbo, Lila - paid by WMF? Philippe, Community Engagement

  • ACTION: Steve to make initial approach to determine availability of WMF people and report initial response by next meeting
  • ACTION: Committee members to contribute ideas for speakers, organisations, contact people and topics for programme

Sponsorship: Creative Commons, OCLC, State Library contacts, Google Australia

  • ACTION: Committee members to contribute ideas for organisations, contact people and value proposition for sponsorship

Conference website

  • Needs to be secure - look at example from GLAMwiki


  • ACTION: Kerry to investigate quotes from nearby hotel and put proposal for costs and reserving a block and timelines

Registration payments

  • Tiers: 1 professionals, 2 volunteers, 3 concessionals/members
  •  ? Presenters to attend at no cost
  • ACTION: Kerry, Steve and Gideon to propose costs for registration based on tiers.

Proposals for payment: Eventbrite, Xero, Trybooking

  • ACTION: Michael to report back on best option and what is required to organise this

Eligibility for travel assistance and PEG grant discussion

  • Principle: Travel assistance to work towards equality of costs such that out of pocket costs are equivalent regardless of geographic location
  • Discussion of availability of a range of travel support options based on this principle.
  • Illustrate costs for the purpose of the PEG grant based on a number of cities of origin
  • See this USA PEG application for a similar event
  • Wikimeda Australia commitment for purposes of PEG application is $20,000
  • Featured in Annual Plan with estimates.
  • ACTION: Kerry, Gideon and Steve to meet online during this week to draft PEG application

Friendly space policy - see Safe Space Policy

  • Amendment: Craig to add a statement about images in presentations that are likely to cause offence requiring committee
  • Action: Craig to write amendment about potentially offensive images and circulate to committee

General business

  • Conference policy on comm wiki:
  • propose changing name to Conference attendance policy - needs review
  • Annual Plan - is complete but not passed or published. Michael has noted a few amendments that need to be made, but there was agreement at the meeting that these were of a minor nature and the annual plan can be adopted pending these amendments.
That the 2015 Annual Plan is adopted, and will be published to the public wiki.
  • Moved: Steve
  • Second: Kerry
  • Carried without dissent.
  • ACTION: Michael to make the minor amendments and then upload to the public wiki.

Strategic Plan -

  • Not yet ready. Needs some work.
  • ACTION: All to review and make updates/comments, to be ready to adopt at next comm meeting.

Next meeting: Sunday 26 April at 4pm AEST/2pm AWST.