Meeting:Committee (2015-03-22)

Committee meeting

22 March 2015

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.
Sunday 22 March 2015, 16:00 AEST

Meeting opened at 4.04pm


Meeting Opened at 4.04pm AEDST


  • Present: Steven Zhang (President), Gideon Digby (Vice President), Andrew Owens (Secretary) - intermittent, Kerry Raymond,Pru Mitchell, Charles Gregory, Craig
  • Apologies: Michael Billington (Treasurer)
  • Absent: none

Previous minutes

Minutes of the previous meeting <etherpad link redacted> - (and the meeting prior, which required updates - <etherpad link redacted> ) are now ready. Note that Michael is archiving HTML exports of our old minutes in case we have issues with Etherpad or its integrity at some point. You can find them on Google Drive here: (Redacted), and they should all appear in Wikitext at some point.


  • That the minutes of the 16 Feb 2015 meeting be accepted.
Moved: Steve
Seconded Pru

Carried without dissent (Craig abstained)

  • That the minutes of the 2 March 2015 meeting be accepted.
Moved: Steve
Seconded Pru

Carried without dissent (Craig abstained)

ACTION: Andrew to publish the passed Minutes of these two meetings to the Public wiki (with appropriate redactions) by next meeting

Action items from previous meeting

  • (Mike) - Data recovery regarding updates made to Wiki in the interim before old site was restored, with regards to camera equip program etc to enable minutes of 16 Feb meeting passed.
    • Done, see mailing list for details of restored pages.
  • Steve to register for Berlin and select alternative attendee to attend ( and register - done
  • Interviews to be held regarding administrative assistance - done - feedback sought, to be discussed below
  • Gideon to follow up re future intentions for use of camera equip money -- not discussed, held off responding because last email discussions implied a change in policy
  • Mike to email motion regarding debit card for Westpac, and provide update on delay at Westpac's end regarding banking
    • See below in finance report


Finance report

There were no large outgoings, memberships, or (known as yet) donations during the month, so there are not likely to be any surprises there. For March so far, our only major cash expenses are a series of reimbursements which have been previously approved or accounted for (Robert's VSP request [see mailing list for report], Officeworks banners, CAV expenses for incorporation cert.). There is still a pending reimbursement for Charles, but he has been informed more information is required to process this.

I've passed on contact details to Steve for Westpac to help us expedite our current issue of account access. Our signatories (Michael & Steve) and organisation have been verified, so we just need to remind them that we do need them to complete this at their end.

Resolution for transaction account to link debit cards to.

Note that as our main account requires two signatories to process a transaction, we have been informed that we cannot link debit cards to it. The resolution below will allow us to implement the same setup that we currently have with Bendigo - a dedicated "Card" account. This resolution closely mirrors the 2014-08-24 bank resolutions, and although it wont be needed by Westpac, I am raising it so that we have a good record of our banking setup.

Bank Resolution 1: The committee resolves that the Treasurer (Michael Billington) and President (Steve Zhang) are authorised to open an additional account for Wikimedia Australia at Westpac, for the purpose of issuing debit cards to those who are approved to have them. They will both be signatories to this account, and be given online banking access, with the treasurer being issued with a debit card for use on behalf of the association. The committee authorises reasonable costs involved in setting up and maintaining the account, including internet banking and debit card fees if applicable.

Moved: Gideon
Seconded: Pru
Carried without dissent

Bank Resolution 2: Once the additional account has been opened with Westpac, the secretary (Andrew Owens) and one other member of the committee (Gideon Digby) will be added as signatories. Both of these signatories will be given online banking access. The secretary will be issued with a debit card, which he is is authorised to use by resolution of the committee. The committee authorises reasonable costs involved in setting up and maintaining the account, including internet banking and debit card fees if applicable.

Moved: Steve
Seconded: Pru
Carried without dissent

ACTION: Steve and Michael to open second account for debit card. Then add Andrew and Gideon to additional account

Incoming correspondence

  • Help emails: QLD new MP - Craig dealing with (content issues mainly, subject of BLP seems happy with response)
  • PROV re mediawiki extension - Pru forwarded Gideon's suggested response
  • CC the help email when responding



  • Admin assistance applications - making a decision - 10 mins (ended up being around ~30 mins)

The applications of both candidates was discussed and reflected on, however it was determined that we would proceed with neither of the applications. A third candidate has expressed interest, which the committee decided we would offer an interview to.

ACTION: Pru and Steve to interview 3rd applicant asap, and report back to committee, Pru to send unsuccessful email to candidates 1 and 2'


  • Discussion around the wiki - 5mins
  • Conference update and discussion around venue - 30 mins
  • Discussion around length of event
    • GLAM + Community + Tech - possibility of breaking one of these off and holding 2 smaller events - considered unviable after discussion
Discussion around venue

WA: Curtin University, possible waiving venue cost - not including Monday 5 October: public holiday

  • catering: estimated $10,000 total
  • accommodation further away from venue than QLD, requires buses
  • active, successful WM community with option for visits to projects
  • partner relationship with Higher Ed, and indigenous project
  • higher costs to get to Perth, time difference affects travel
  • 2 committee members in Perth

ACTION: Gideon to try to get baseline catering cost for estimated 100 participants

QLD: SLQ, estimated $?? cost

  • catering costs not included in venue costs
  • more central for travel, accommodation, tourist attractions
  • partner relationship with GLAM, possible danger to relationship pulling out at this stage
  • 2 committee members in Brisbane

ACTION: Kerry to report on baseline catering cost for estimated 100 participants

ACTION: Pru, Kerry & Gideon - Create Google Sheet showing cost comparisons between the two options - by 29 March.

  • per head
  • catering
  • number of days
  • travel and accommodation range
  • number of rooms/spaces
  • Friendly spaces policy for conference and possibly a variant for our mailing list(s)/forums and implications on registrations that we might choose not to accept as a consequence
  • PEG application for conference - need to complete this by end of April
  • - travel subsidies

ACTION: Steve to start drafting PEG application with Kerry's input on program and venue

  • Conference travel support policy

Criteria for support: need to be aligned to our priorities/goals

  1. accepted speakers
  2. those who have made high contribution to community: on-wiki activity, off-wiki activity, other open project activity
  3. those from within target groups, eg topic areas of Australian content, gender, indigenous
  4. those who identify/commit to future involvement in projects
  5. form of application for subsidies:

ACTION: Steve to commence a page on comm wiki with criteria and application form

  • Timeline for selection. Due date:
  • how to allocate subsidy % or actual
    • Program & program committee(s) - need to confirm by end July
    • invited speakers
    • call(s) for papers -
  • Conference communications (the price of success is eternal publicity) for call for papers, travel subsidy, and general registration\
  • Catering, what's included, what's optional, registration costs (highly linked)
Discussion around camera equipment program - 5 mins

ACTION: Steve to review the last clause of the camera equipment program and bring to next meeting

Discussion around committee organisation, leadership and accountability - 10 mins
  • Certainty on meetings is important.
  • Alternate Sunday afternoon and Monday evening - avoiding public holidays

Monday 6 April - next meeting

ACTION: Update Doodle tonight, then Steve will announce date and time of next meeting

  • Discussion around committee organisation and discussion
    • ensuring balance and everyone is heard
    • on major issues go around the group to ensure everyone states their opinion

General business

No items were brought up in general business.

Next meeting: Sunday 5pm or Monday 6pm depending on Doodle poll results meeting closed 6.13pm

ACTION: Copy Etherpad notes to comm wiki - Steve

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