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Sunday 14 June 2015, 18:00 AEST

Meeting opened at 18:12



  • Present: Steve,Gideon, Michael, Kerry, Craig, Charles, Andrew (joined 6:17pm), Gillian (observer)
  • Apologies: Pru
  • Absent:

Previous minutes

The minutes of the 1 June meeting be accepted:
  • Moved: Steve
  • Second: Gideon
  • Abstain: Kerry, Craig
  • Carried without dissent.

Action items from previous meeting

  • ACTION: Mike to email Craig and let him know (with regards to contact logging responsibility)
  • ACTION: Steve to implement buttons in PayPal and on the wiki. - done)
  • ACTION: Andrew to update details on membership page
  • ACTION: Mike to install CiviCRM w/ Drupal for tracking memberships.
  • Action: Steve to add "Call for presentations" button on Wiki main page. (not done - as call for presentations not ready)
  • Action: Michael to finalise SSL purchase (not done)


Finance report

  • Summary of reimbursements that have been distributed, reimbursements outstanding.
    • 565.65 - Fremantle prison expenses & F2F
    • 17.41 - Photo run VSP
    • 801.63 - Berlin expenses
    • 316.28 - Avalon air show VSP expenses
  • Two outstanding reimbursements (in contact with people who are making claims)
  • Two expected to come in soon (F2F meeting expenses, one other).
  • Some meals from the F2F in November 2014 still to be claimed.

Membership report

  • New memberships - Two new members have paid and welcome letters sent.
  • Another is pending payment, invoice has been sent

Incoming correspondence

  • Wikipedia help - email received regarding article title and replied to by Andrew, one outstanding regarding Laurie to be replied to by Andrew.
  • Reflection on The Project interview - went pretty well. Email sent to Vic Police by Steve - no reply yet.
  • Reflection on article - also went well.
  • Email from Angela regarding domain details - being forwarded to Adam (as tech contact). Treasurer as admin contact.



Perth trip - has been suggested that Steven and Michael go over for the weekend of 18-19 July.

  • Perth meet-up
  • Noongar project technical and policy discussions
  • Toodyay WikiTown visit - learnings for east coast
  • Improve East-West communications within WMAU
That Wikimedia Australia sends Steven Zhang and Michael Billington to Perth for the weekend of the Perth meetup (18-19 July). WMAU to cover reasonable costs associated according to the travel policy.
  • Moved: Kerry
  • Second: Gideon
  • Support: Andrew, Charles, Craig (via email)
  • Abstain: Michael, Steve
  • Absent: Pru
  • Carried without dissent.


  • Organisational professionalisation (think IVR, website etc)
    • IVR: Gen enq - Steve & Gideon
    • Press: Gideon & Steve
    • Donations, Steve, Gideon, Michael.
    • Partnerships: Steve, Gideon, Andrew
  • Blog, discussed use as source for sharing articles on social media, aggregating for newsletter.
  • ACTION: Mike to send around invites to all comm members & Gillian for blog by 21 June.
  • Community survey (15 mins, Steve to table). WMF are advising on Qualtrix account. Steven has a draft of the survey South Africa used. Will get feedback before publishing, as well as getting in touch with a professional contact regarding survey design.
  • Conference discussion - 1 hour
    • Discussion regarding SLQ MOU
      • Craig sent revised copy on Friday
      • 4.1(d) and 18.2 outstanding
    • 4.1a to be amended from QLD to Australia. For signature block, some Melbourne person should sign it (Steve has the PO box key, identified as contact point in PEG also).
Subject to making the changes mentioned, Wikimedia Australia agrees to sign the MOU with SLQ, with Steve to sign as our representative.
  • Moved: Kerry
  • Second: Steve
  • Support: Michael, Charles, Andrew
  • Abstain: Gideon
  • Absent: Pru
  • Absent - Craig and Pru
  • Carried without dissent.
  • ACTION: Kerry/Craig to contact SLQ to have MOU amended before 21 June.
  • ACTION: Steve to sign updated MOU once sent (before next comm meeting)
    • Discussion regarding call for presentations
      • Pru has drafted one.
  • Regarding call for participation/travel assistance
    • ACTION: Kerry and Charles to follow up on EventBrite by 21 June.
    • ACTION: Gideon and Pru to finalise call for 21 June
    • ACTION: Michael & Andrew to finalise travel subsidy 22 June
    • ACTION: Steve to collaborate w/ Michael & Craig on setting up central notices by 21 June.
    • ACTION: Kerry to follow up on catering - by 21 June.
    • ACTION: Steve to invite Jimbo - by 21 June
  • Contract of Gillian White
  • General business - 5-10 mins
Steve to be reimbursed for stationery expenses approx $28 (if required)
  • Moved: Kerry
  • Second: Michael
  • Abstain: Steve
  • Carried without dissent.

Next meeting: Monday 29 June at 20:00 AEST

Meeting closed 20:06.