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Monday 29 June 2015, 20:00 AEST

Meeting opened at 20:04



  • Present: Steve, Gideon, Mike, Andrew, Kerry, Pru (Gillian observing)
  • Apologies: Craig, Charles
  • Absent:

Gideon left at 20:45

Previous minutes

The minutes of the 14 June meeting be accepted:
  • Moved: Steve
  • Second: Michael
  • Abstain: Pru
  • Carried without dissent.

Action items from previous meeting

    • Action: Michael to finalise SSL purchase (purchased, not installed)
    • Remainder of actions related to conference - for further discussion.


Finance report

  • Delivered verbally summary of donations, recent reimbursements and an update on the disrepency between the recorded and actual bank balance
  • Summary of reimbursements that have been distributed, reimbursements outstanding.
    • Action: Steve to send Xero/Westpac bank feed form to facilitate reporting.

Membership report

  • Action: Mike to remind members who have not yet renewed.
  • Action: Michael to add Kerry to CiviCRM, to be raised at a future meeting.

Incoming correspondence

  • Email from Nicholas Papademetriou




  • Melb Meetup report (5 mins)
  • Conference discussion - 1 hour
    • Alex has provided comments - to discuss.

After discussion:

  • Wikimedia Australia will discontinue planning for the October Conference based on the feedback from the WMF on our PEG grant request, noting:
    • Strong difference between WMF proposed event and WMAu proposed event (particularly re GLAM involvement)
    • Lukewarm community response.
    • Timeframe would make re-planning difficult.
  • Moved: Kerry
  • Second: Michael
Vote to proceed once actions below completed.
Update: Confirmed by email discussion subsequent to discussion with WMF.
  • Support: Steve, Andrew, Gideon
Update: Vote reconfirmed at 12 July meeting.
  • ACTION: Steve to discuss with Alex to ensure that we have not mis-interpreted anything, and to clarify the point about spending. Need to ensure that she understands what will follow (see above motion), shared concern about community being behind the event. Note: Not to be made public until SLQ has been notified.
  • PENDING ACTION: Kerry & Craig SLQ (pending Steve's action).
  • PENDING ACTION: Kerry to un-announce this, including on members list.
  • PENDING ACTION: Relevant persons to notify suppliers (Kerry has spoken to caterers, hotel)

General business

Next meeting: Sunday 12 July Meeting closed: 22:01 AEST