Meeting:Committee (2016-02-29)

Committee meeting

29 February 2016

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.
Monday 29 February 2016, 20:00 AEDST

Meeting opened at 20:11



  • Present: Charles (in chair), Pru, Robert, Steve, Tom, Andrew (joined 20:20), Gideon (joined 20:49, left 21:27)
  • Apologies: Gideon (see above)

(Note: Andrew was hospitalised during the period with a broken ankle.)

Previous minutes

The minutes of the 15 February meeting be accepted:
  • Moved: Pru
  • Second: Robert
  • Carried without dissent.

Matters arising

The 15 Feb 2016 meeting focussed on the Wikidata Downunder Tour. Some matters arising from the last meeting were deferred.

  • Business cards - Charles organised business cards for Tom & Gideon. Charles to order another batch of generic WMAU, Robert, Steve & Pru - to email Charles
  • Andrew - Drafting revision to Constitution based on 2012 Model Rules and suggestions by the CAV to take to mid-year SGM - defer
  • Pru & Charles to draft process and formulate criteria for WMAU scholarships/funding to Wikimania and circulate to committee. Committee to consider, amend and present at next meeting (29 Feb).

(WMF criteria at ) - dealt with later in agenda

  • Andrew to contact three people and offer free membership to 30 June 2016. - One done, others TBA
  • Gideon to officially welcome new members Ingrid Cumming, Jane Colbert, David Stern
  • Andrew to provide a document listing the 39 financial members and reconcile (where possible) with the members email list - defer
  • Andrew to populate CiviCRM - defer
  • Pru find deadline for GLAM Report - 15th March
  • Pru to contact Gillian and Kerry to produce a written report about Sydney Wikidata Tour - have emailed, waiting on details
    • Category:Andy Mabbett in Australia
    • Category:Wikimedia Australia WikiData Tour Downunder 2016


Membership report

  • New members - 2 new membership applications since last meeting. Confirmation to accept memberships and send out welcome letters.
  • Total membership number (44?)

ACTION: Gideon - Welcome new members

Finance report

  • Status of WMID payment for Wikidata Tour airfare -at Andrews approval Steve has sent letter to WMID with receipts that were provided by Andrew.
  • Reimburse small VSP ($21)
  • Robert Canberra Travel
  • Various reimbursements arising from the Wikidata tour.
  • Westpac super approver status signed by Gideon and Andrew for payments less than $500. ACTION: policy discussion required on use of this facility including communication via email when this is being used
  • Australia Post PO Box renewal has come in - due 31 March. ACTION: Steve to pay and be reimbursed.

Program Activity

Wikidata Downunder tour

  • overview / review of Canberra and Perth

Robert reported on the Canberra sessions and meetings.

  • Raised Trove funding issue - individuals are encouraged to support to this campaign. Take no corporate action at this point.
  • WMAU can look for opportunites to apply for external grants to fund a W-i-R.
  • Recommend EN-AU language option ACTION: Gideon to work with Andy to realise this
  • Meetup - very successful.

Andrew, Tom and Gideon reported on Perth events

  • range of participants from different sectors reported enjoyable
  • well organised mini Conf
  • Gideon followup with WA Museum as a result
  • Noongarpedia plus WA Wikimedians had wikidata presentation
  • spacing of meetups is important - plus provision of training on a topic that is new to most participants
  • presentation to WA State library staff was timely and positively received
  • working session on Noongar language code data
  • ALIA West session had 30+ people - adjusted meeting date to have Andy
  • Andy had a great experience of WA rural areas, Toodyay, Goomalling
  • Thanks to Gideon, Tom and all involved in organising WA events
  • reporting space made available
  • public reporting
  • add category for
    • Category:Andy Mabbett in Australia
    • Category:Wikimedia Australia WikiData Tour Downunder 2016

Business items

  • Wikimedia Conference (Berlin) update
  • Conference scholarship policy draft
    • Discussion:
  1. Is membership of WMAU a requirement:? Yes: Tom, Pru Preference/Not essential: Andrew, Gideon, Steve NO: - equal
  2. Move the dates as far forward as possible
  3. Do we need a separate email address for scholarships? ACTION: Charles to talk to tech about a new email address for applications
  • ACTION: Pru clean it up policy draft. Charles to circulate application form to be tested. Email discussion and vote. Promotion via mailing list, noticeboard, social media as soon as ratified.
  • Confirm safe space policy draft -

That the Proposal:Safe Space Policy is adopted as a policy of Wikimedia Australia
  • Moved: Steve
  • Second: Charles
  • Carried without dissent.
  • Policy on regional partnerships and support for Pacific region where there is no established WM Chapter - deferred to future meeting

General Business

  • Delegations policy and procedures
    • Andrew to delegate Treasurer duties to Steve as required
    • Secretary duties - membership duties require access to Xero - can be a non-executive member of the committee
    • Vice-President takes up delegation of President as requested/required

Next meeting: Monday 14 March 2016, 20:00 AEDST Meeting closed: 22:01 AEDST

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