Meeting:Committee (2016-03-28)

Committee meeting

28 March 2016

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.
Monday 28 March 2016, 20:00 AEDST

Meeting opened at 20:05



  • Present: Gideon (chair), Pru, Tom, Andrew, Robert, Steven
  • Apologies: Charles (Tasmanian connections)

Previous minutes

The minutes of the 14 March meeting be accepted:
  • Moved: Steve
  • Second: Pru
  • Carried without dissent.

Business arising

  • Charles to create New email address for scholarship applications - Steve to do this
  • Safe Space Policy - moved to Resolution:Safe Space Policy should we have a policy space -- done
      • - maybe we need to look ar m:Event Ban policy at the same time - it is tied in - but already included in Safe Space Policy, will keep link for reference in com space
  • Drafting revision to Constitution based on 2012 Model Rules and suggestions by the CAV to take to mid-year SGM - Andrew - done.
    • Andrew has put the rules review on the wiki. Please review by end of April and advise of any changes/additions/etc so it can be coded up as recommendations and approved at our 9 May meeting. talk page conversation at this stage
  • New members - Gideon to officially welcome five new members --- on hold no email addresses, form letter not appropriate
  • CiviCRM - Andrew to populate (still need to do, documents on two different computers)
  • Steve to pay Australia Post and be reimbursed - not yet done, been working from home for 2 weeks
  • Pru - check committee availablility for F2F in Perth 11/12 June
  • Gideon - meta endorsements of candidates Siska, Jan and Lodewijk -- done two (Lodewijk & Siska) responded with thank you emails - candidates for election at Berlin meeting (final list available 28th +)
  • Scholarships - approve form and advertising - email to by Sun 10 April


  • Caddie Brain Community Engagement Coordinator NT Library - email and phone discussion have taken place, - Gideon responded - still in process


Membership report

  • 44 confirmed members at the present time. The above list of new members plus two others add to our AGM total of 37.

Financial report

  1. Bendigo Bank cannot be finalised until May.
  2. Current bank balance is $50,393.67, and Paypal is $1,322.41, meaning we have $51,716.08 of funds.
  3. With money owing to us, our financial position is $53,464.08.
  4. Monthly bills are $140/mo; expected outgoing payments in the immediate future (Perth accom for 8-10 April and post box renewal) are around $680.

Andrew has added everyone to Xero during the committee meeting so that they can see the bank balances and transactions.

ACTION: Andrew to email members advising of Bendigo account closure.

Financial processes

  • Superpayer Westpac - Treasurer use policy. Written based on last meeting's feedback.
The Super Approver policy be approved, subject to periodic review.
  • Moved: Gideon
  • Second: Tom
  • Carried without dissent.
  • Membership to consolidate into one person function from the current 3 person function - clarify what each person does relative to membership. Duty statement for a membership officer.... required access to information ? - ACTION: Andrew to draft
  • Policy on regional partnerships and support for nearby regions where there are no established Wikimedia Affiliates. Partnerships - France and Africa. - Action: Tom to investigate, compare other chapters activities in the area

Other business

  • In the event event ban policy is seen separate from safe place policy - resolved, as a reference backup for Safe Place Policy -- Gideon to add link on WMAU Safe space policy
  • WLE in Australia -- [1]

Next meeting: Saturday 9 April 2016, 15:00 AWST (in person) Meeting closed: 21:23 AEDST

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