Meeting:Committee (2016-04-09)

Committee meeting

9 April 2016

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.
Saturday 9 April 2016, 13:00 AWST
Held at Sorrento, Western Australia, in person

Meeting opened at 13:44



  • Present: Gideon (chair), Andrew, Tom, Steve, Gideon, Robert
  • Apologies: Pru, Charles

Previous minutes

The minutes of the 28 March meeting be accepted:
  • Moved: Steve
  • Second: Robert
  • Carried without dissent.


Membership - discussion on rebuilding membership and expanding networks

Finance - no significant changes from Mar 28 $49,129.49(433.61cc) with 1600 owed to us.

$186.00 paid out for post office box - some discussion as to why we still have one.

General business

  • Gideon & Robert to NT, if members know someone in Darwin reach out happy to meetup, Robert attendence to help expand WMAU skills. Set late June date, to be confirmed.
That a A5/A4 pamphlet be created about WMAu on one side and Wikipedia on the other
  • Moved: Tom
  • Second: Andrew
  • Carried without dissent.
  • ACTION: Tom to create.
  • Affiliate selected board seats - we get two votes.
That Wikimedia Australia elects to vote for Lodewijk Gelauff and Siska Doviana as ASBS reps.
  • Moved: Gideon
  • Second: Robert
  • Carried without dissent.
  • Wikimania scholarships - due Sunday, one partial scholarship application received so far.
  • South East Asia - Wikimedia Asia

Policy considerations

  • COI -- ethics code behaviour in relation to the chapter
  • Action:Tom to write a draft concept
  • Injury/incapacity policy decision process
  • Membership consolidation
  • External regional assistance - questions over effect on charitable status and incorporation on activity.
  • Changes to rules
  • Charity status, next step to deductible not dgr

Next meeting: Monday 2 May 2016, 19:00 AEST Meeting closed: 15:03 AWST

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