Meeting:Committee (2017-05-22)

Committee meeting

22 May 2017

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

Wikimedia Australia meeting 22 May 2017

Meeting opened at 17:36 AWST 22 May 2017

Chair: Gideon present: Gideon, Tom, Robert, Caddie apologies: Pru


minutes from previous meeting at Moved: Robert Second:Gideon

Note: Etherpad ad has been scraped - ALL minutes on 11 May 2017

annon etherpad url for future minutes notes


Bank $36,250.32 CC $130.95 PP $212.76

ATO stuff somewhat sorted, BAS is done, but concerning that no BAS was done by the prev Treas.additonal personal details for ATO required of office bearers free google to be checked Details not yet with Robert

General Business

Members entry at Meta -

Strategy programme

  • 3 stakeholder groups spoken to during Katherins visit in Melbourne.
  • Tom has to report back by 12 June on stage 2, Montreal is stage 3
  • one day stake holder talks in each state to get the conservation going.

Motion: Fund a strategy session hosted by Tom in Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide between 5 - 10 June should a rapid grant application not be available -- tentative $3000 budget should it be needed, travel, accom, coffee and donughts at talks proposed by : Gideon, Second:Caddie passed

Wikimania- Montreal - partial to Kerry value $2000, full to Tom travel, Accomdation, Insurance, Registration

SLWA - Bibliotech Motion: Fund chair to finance various costs of stationary and materials for display and catering $ 1500 Moved:Tom Second: Robert passed

Fair Use campaign Introduced at Melbourne meet up 33 via WFA Media 22nd May Members of Australian editing community alerted Co-ordinatored via WMF foundation legal checked Copyright council known opposition and in hand with Fox / Murdoch media

Potential on wiki opposition from editors has been responded to by Liam Wyatt former committee member now WMF employee based in Italy

Next meeting: 5th June 2017

closed 19:00 AWST 21:00 AEST

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