Meeting:Committee (2018-08-05)

Committee meeting

5 August 2018

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  • Date: Monday 5 August 2018
  • Time / time zone: 4.00pm WA / 5.30pm NT / 6.00pm VIC/NSW
  • Meeting channel: Skype
  • Attendees: Pru, Gideon, Robert, Sam.
  • Apologies: Caddie, Tom.

Minutes of previous meeting

Previous meeting: Meeting:Committee (2018-07-23. Accepted.

Business arising and actions

  • APG
  • Grant Report format and pages in CommWiki & information from Michael B on configuration of (Sam and Tom)
  • Discussion via email on reporting for APG, including events
  • Wikimania 2017 report public version (Tom)
  • ESEAP conference 2018 reports (Robert & Tom) - to complete


President's report

Secretary's report

  • PROCEDURE: WMAU Committee Minutes will be copied from Google Doc to comm wiki AND to public wiki following their ratification at the next committee meeting.
  • remove comm.wik and google doc links before making public
  • ACTION: Secretary
  • Action: Update procedures re changing committee in light of new CAV policy
  • Policies to draft
  • Explanation of email motions to comm wiki (Tom)
  • Leave of absence - missing meetings - policy and process
  • Records management processes and backups - (Tom, Sam, Pru)
  • Communicating major events and notices to membership and community
  • Inward correspondence and documentation of outcomes
  • Partnerships and related organisations, reciprocal membership
  • Recovering parts of rules and regs from some years ago
  • ACTION: Steve, Gideon and Caddie to review these and knock over any that are quick wins

Correspondence report

  • ARM Conference information (Pru has completed this and forwarded to Andy for registration)
  • ACTION: Gideon to check booth arrangements for ASA conference

Treasurer's report

  • Held over for next meeting.
  • Account balances:
  • Income:
  • Expenses:
  • APG tracking:
  • ACTION: Remove the names of previous account holders from Wikimedia Australia, Inc Westpac account
  • ACTION: Organise additional card with Westpac
  • ISSUE: Another recurrence of the Paypal being used to test stolen credit cards. Involves refunding. May need to shut down the Paypal account.

Membership report

  • There are 8 outstanding renewals as at today. Pru to follow up personally
  • Recording the death of two Wikimedia Australia in the past 12 months
  • Membership recruitment strategies
  • postcards - with Wiki Loves Earth photos - price with other providers (500 cards) $1000
  • MOTION: That WMAU expend up to $1000 2018-19 on membership postcards for use in recruitment
  • Move: Gideon
  • Seconded: Pru
  • Passed ACTION: Pru to draft for 31 August edit-a-thon
  • Membership form draft:
  • ACTION: Pru to start email conversation

Communications report (Caddie)

Technical report (Sam)

  • Phabricator board current tasks:
  • T199606: Create system to track event data
  • T189178: Remove unused email accounts
  • T185976: Upload dump of public wiki to Internet Archive
  • T185880: Close WordPress site
  • T142071: Disable Forward to non-WMF sites in interwiki data
  • T137984: Determine total number of external links in all Wikipedias
  • T189432: Thumbnails broken for local uploads
  • Indicating reported events
  • ACTION: Email conversation
  • WordPress comment spam - Being received from the blog. Sam’s turned off comments on all posts.
  • ACTION: Sam will close blog now and set up redirects. Being tracked in T185880.
  • Discussion on where to keep the committee archive files. Google Team drive quota of 30GB. Prefer to use file storage. T189178


Local activities

  • WA: Meetup on mapping Australian roads
  • City of Canning community outreach team (Gideon)
  • Similar to Toodyay. Reports on events as they get underway.
  • Next meetup is this weekend.
  • VIC: Edit-a-thon Uni Melbourne Friday 31 August
  • NSW: Possible meetup in Sydney within the next three weeks, to open a discussion on EN Wiki. Will advice comm for publishing on social media. (Robert)
  • Advertise a meetup for after Andy’s visit
  • ACT:
  • QLD:

National activities

  • 2018 WikiTour
  • Spreadsheet (Redacted)
  • ACTION: Wikimania materials: A4 handouts, stickers
  • ACTION: Robert to get a quote on Wikidata stickers
  • GLAM Peak 2018 follow up
  • ACTION: Reports
  • ACTION: Record prospects and activities on comm
  • TROVE Consultative Group (Pru) - categorisation card sort

Global activities

  • ESEAP 2019 (Gideon)
  • Still getting quotes
  • Wiki Loves Earth (Gideon)
  • Judging: Vet each photo according
  • Copy from previous year
  • Communications
  • $100 x 10 winners - 1 previous year winner with 2
  • ACTION: Gideon to contact winners with email address and physical address
  • ACTION: Pru to organise prizes
  • ACTION: Feature the photos over the next few weeks on social media
  • ACTION: Consider mapping the winners - send the newsletter to the media outlets
  • Wikimania 2018 (Robert)
  • Strategy meetings dominated: Chairpersons, Affiliates and General working groups process meeting. Concerns over lack of diversity is a barrier. Relying on those not on the working groups making responses on wiki.
  • WikiConference will be smaller, and be re-named. One delegate per affiliate. Needs a process for User Group delegate nominations. Ten special delegates based on presentations and themes. Concern from chairpersons meeting about the need for delivery of Board training.
  • Very busy conference. Three Australians attended.
  • Pre-conference was productive regarding ESEAP, funding. Funds for late 2019 conferences due around March 2018. Meetup considered 150 as size for ESEAP.
  • Proposed Chairs meeting (Pru)
  • Waiting to see the date in November




Meeting closed: Next meeting: Monday 20 August 2018

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