Meeting:Committee (2019-04-16)

Committee meeting

16 April 2019

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  Wikimedia Australia Inc.


  • Present: Tom, Gideon, Sam, Robert (muted), Steve (late).
  • Apologies: Pru, Caddie, Steve.
  • Agenda was circulated via email.

Minutes from previous meeting not ratified and passed to next meeting (along with those of the meeting before last).

Community Conference planning

Saturday 16 June 2019. Sunday 17th will be Committee day.

  • We need to draft a bit of a timetable. Caddie's done this. Probably don't need two keynotes.
  • Need a basic idea of numbers for quotes for catering. Any other ideas for other costs we'll incur?
  • Not a meeting for the Committee, but for whole Australian Wikimedia community. The Committee will meet in our spare time. Do we need to ensure we do? Concerns that it'll be overlooked.
  • World of Wikipedia is being run for the few days before, so some people will be attending both.
  • Len Collard was going to attend, and present, but has had to pull out. Gideon would but won't be there for the World of Wikipedia, and it'd be good to have someone from that to talk at our conference.
  • Tony Naar would be good to get to talk about the paralympic activities.
  • As part of the APG we need to attract people to get more involved in the movement. Will our conference accomplish this? Is it looking too much at details and not tackling the big picture.
  • Is the conference aimed at recruiting new people, or mainly for existing editors? Difference of opinions here.
  • Morning sessions should focus on WMAU and wikiclubs (inc. how to get a club going: venues, regular meetings etc.). Afternoons should be more about strategy and future-looking. Difference between Australia strategy, and the global process?
  • WMAU has never had much attention to carrying-through a national strategy.
  • We could have more focused sessions on specific tools or workflows, and separate longer discussion sessions about strategy.
  • First thought: is there actually enough interest from the community about the proposed topics. We've not had a conference like this since 2009 (GLAM wiki), so it might be good to cover more general topics. The community hasn't really engaged much on strategy topics, so it might be better to focus on things that will interest existing members?
  • Either way, the sessions should be a balance of looking back at what we've done and looking forward to plan what's to come.
  • Strategy should be part of it, but only a small one.
  • We're assuming most people will have experience with editing, so there's no need to have an edit-a-thon. But we can have an hour before the afternoon dedicated to people looking at tools and other things that have been talking about during the day.
  • An open questions session could be good. Free-form. Will existing contributors have many questions though? Probably, especially around what other people are doing in different areas to those they're familiar with.
  • A session about wikiclub mechanics could be a good way to get a Sydney club going, if the right people are present.
  • We could drop the paralympic discussion if we lack time, but that would be a shame.
  • Mike Dickson is unlikely to be attending (New Zealand Wikimedian-at-Large).
  • We should resolve the Saturday timetable today.
  • There's no time (it's only 8 weeks away) to do the onwiki survey to get input from what people want in the conference.
  • Lightning talks could fill this in a way: means the people there on the day dictate what topics are covered. Do we have a long enough time for lighning talks? And if people don't step up for them, we can easily fill a few 15 minute slots with topics with which we're familiar.
  • Lightning talks would get the conversations flowing. Gives less-involved participants a window into what's going on, and lets them join in where they want.
  • Could we do multiple tracks? One strategy one and one other? That'd require an extra room, which we don't have. We don't know what the room is like.
  • Every member of the Committee should present at least some small thing.
  • Should incorporate a small break between morning tea and lunch?
  • We don't have much of an idea of how many people will come.


Next meeting: Meeting:Committee (2019-04-29).

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