Meeting:Committee (2019-06-10)

Committee meeting

10 June 2019

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.


  • Committee Meeting Monday 10 June MINUTES
  • Time / time zone: 4pm WA / 5.30pm NT / 6pm AEST
  • Meeting channel: Skype
  • Attendees: Robert (left 7pm), Gideon, Steve, Pru & Tom
  • Apologies: Sam

Minutes of previous meeting

Business arising and actions

Community Conference planning, Sat 15 June 2019 Sydney

  • Ask Jeremy and Ivonne to share ESEAP talk segment - extend to 10mins each
  • Lightning talk gifts to presenters x 8 - consider WLE printed item from OfficeWorks
12.00-12.30 Question Panel - lightning talk people to respond to questions.
15:30-16:15 Roundtable Panellists - Steve: facilitator moving around the table/room
  • Key points from community capacity map - request priorities
  • Intro to the survey - what you want to learn about
  • 5.00pm: Social event
Recommended by Uni Syd

  • Royal Hotel, 370 Abercrombie St Darlington
  • Two Wolves. 202 Broadway Chippendale - Mexican

  • Recording/streaming: audio recording for minute-taking Gideon
  • Robert - investigating streaming/video
  • Confirmation emails and details to attendees
  • From 5.30pm Meetup - at The Royal. Post Sydney meetup on Wikipedia - ACTION: Gideon

  • Committee arrive Wed
  • 10.30am Steve arrives
  • 10.45am Robert arrives - train
  • 11.30am Pru arrives - Veriu 2pm checkin
  • 12.00 Tom & Gideon, Ingrid arrive VA
  • 6pm Conference opening SSB Lecture Theatre + refreshments & VIVID, business cards


  • 9.15am WOW conference
  • 6.00pm Dinner -
  • Evening - WLE judging
  • midnight Wikimania meeting


  • 9.15am Ingrid keynote
  • 1.15-3.00pm Roundtable
  • 3.30pm Conference close
  • Set up for Community Conference Education building
  • Sam arrives Friday
  • 7pm UK meeting regarding QRPedia (Steve in London, end June/early July)

Sat Community Conference

Feedback from Strategy team regarding application made following last meeting Your event does not seem specifically targeted for strategy discussions, and lacks a sufficient description and rationale for what you hope will take place during the event. We are also concerned that the timeline will not be feasible to offer funding processing for this event before it takes place. We would still very much like to support a strategy event for Wikimedia Australia, but would need a re-designed event purpose and rationale in order to proceed. If you are interested, we would like to request that you re-submit an application by Monday, June 10th for consideration. Deadline is tight - while there are good reasons for the application, we could as equally to let it go. Record that we have decided not to pursue the funding,
ACTION: Tom - Kelsi notified that we are not applying at this stage Conference support applications
Kerry Raymond via email - $900 up to subject to tax invoice and report

Margaret Donald - $600 accommodation - subject to tax invoice and report
Contingency $500 for reimbursement additional request prior or at conference
Julian - accommodation, and petrol $500 for facilitation of committee meeting
  • Digital Speech recorder to be housed in WA - as per email $164 - approved
Moved: Steve
Seconded: Robert
  • ACTION: Pru to notify recipients
Sunday 16 June - Committee Face to Face meeting
  • Program / Agenda prioritising
  • Gideons priorities
Committee roles
Committee processes
  • Steve priorities
APG - is effectively annual / strategic plan
Committee roles
Outreach and engagement, & fundraising
  • Tom priorities
Committee processes
  • Pru priorities
Member / Community support / Capacity
APG - resolve the issues
Committee roles
Community Day recap - Outcome: Agree and document the priorities of the community, including capacity building needs
Role of the committee in implementing - Outcome: Document the plan of what we can achieve in 12 months/2 year / 3 years and who will be responsible for each activity
Rejig APG in the light of 1 and 2 - Outcome: Document revised plan to submit, and draft revised budget

2019-20 Simple APG grant

  • Decision: $37,125 AUD for 12 months, with some changes - to our budget
  • Conditions - Decision that we accept the conditions as is, and go to the community on the weekend, before editing the plan.
  • Raise issues with Grants team regarding fundraising in Australian context. Document this - research required.
  • Budget revisions - make these revisions after the conference.
  • MOTION: Move that WMAU accept the Grant for 2019-20
  • Moved: Steve
  • Seconded: Gideon
  • Passed
  • ACTION: Pru to sign agreement on behalf of WMAU

2018-19 Simple APG Budget status Finalisation immediately following conference Report due 15 July 209 QRpedia Meeting with Wikimedia UK, Friday 14 June 7pm - Gideon, Pru, Sam and Steve

Survey of Australian editors

ACTION: Tom and Pru to draft survey, - Tom and Pru to tie in with Strategy survey suggested process - we work on questions during conference and f to f and followup and tie in with larger strategy questions - and wmau plan - for a range of issues DRAFTS at: long survey

Then refer to wmf for double check:

Organisation / Partner program

ACTION: Gideon to follow up legally drafted template for organisational partnerships AMaGA national membership - Pru, register as

Bank signatory

Publish minutes for 2019 meetings including Motions - Secretary (still in process) Steve Crossin added as a signatory to the Wikimedia Australia Bank account (new motion is required)



President's report

held over ESEAP update Media accreditation - Tokyo Paralympics due 1 July 2019 GovHack WA, 6 - 8 Sep 2019 Strategic plan and Annual plan 2019-20

Secretary's report

  • Face to Face planing in process - thanks Pru for starting the doc
  • Strategy - all in process this week for Saturday session at Community Conference
  • Strategy involvement - with range of issues ESEAP/ WMF- will write up after Sydney
  • Website and Com organisation - will be asking people in Sydney about some issues
  • Possible Administrative review - at F to F review of positions roles and responsibilities
  • Newsletter for June - ? after Sydney ?

Correspondence report

Email items - nothing of note

Treasurer's report - for noting

Current Account balances: Westpac: $45,108.66 CC: $114.16 PayPal: $131.29 To be finalised after the Community Conference. Income: ATO , $ renewals, $ in donations Transferred: Expenses:

APG tracking:

Moved: Seconded:

ACTION: Domain name update. ACTION: Sam investigate how to get this account Credit card: ACTION: Robert to go into Westpac to sort this. Contacted Michael to update card details for Xero and hosting

Membership report

Renewals received: = 2, Joining: = 1 Total memberships for 2018/19 = 36

Communications report

Marketing about community conference Newsletter June 2019 - This Month in GLAM - June due 6 July 2019 Technical report T199606 Create system to track event data issue with sorting the More page - fixed.


Local activities

  • ACT
Follow up ANU training - email Imogen
  • QLD
QWiki Club events
  • NSW
City of Sydney Libraries training and edit-a-thon, 15 June
  • SA
Photo load pending category solution
  • VIC
Women’s Art Register Winter Wiki event, Sat 20 July Richmond Library
  • WA
WikiClubWest - changes afoot with plan and regional contacts
Cannington scanning programme through year
Toodyaypedia, 29 June 3rd stage event
Port Hedland regional Local Government librarians meeting, Friday 7 June 2019 - Sam presented

National activities

  • Wiki Loves Earth
Was extended for an extra week (closed on 7 June)
judging - Pre-judging done by 3 , Judging stage is next.
  • notification
  • prizes

Global activities

Wikimania scholarships - ESEAP strategy meeting - Wikimania 2020 -

Other business


  • Meeting closed: 7.30pm / 5.30pm
  • Next meeting: Monday 24 June 2019 4pm WA / 5.30pm NT / 6.00pm ACT/NSW/VIC
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