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This page is a proposal being developed by our members.

To create and place QR plaques at the locations of Australian articles on en.Wikipedia that achieve GA status or better.

The articles can be about:

Articles about other subjects will be considered on an as nominated basis the key factor is that a specific location where a plaque can be mounted is required. Batches of plaques will be created at one time to keep costs down. WMAU will send out letters to site owners (via editors if they have an inside contact) explaining the purpose of the plaques and seeking permission for its installation before printing.


  • Draw site visitors with an interest in a place/building/memorial into reading our best Australian content about the topic they are interested in
  • Lower entry bar for QR coding than implementing a full WikiTown project
  • Low bar for member participation as any individual editor can write a single GA article
  • Applicable to any Australian location, irrespective of its remoteness (supporting regional diversity)
  • Build relationships with the custodians of historic and cultural locations
  • Assist custodians in providing visitors with accessible, current and editable information on their subject
  • An ongoing version of this project will encourage editors to improve Australian article content to a reviewed level


  • Placement uptake by custodians/owners
  • Diversity of placement locations
  • Page hits (before article improvement vs after GA vs after plaque) on articles with plaques.
  • New editors to articles (before vs after) on articles with plaques.
  • increase in the number of Australian GA or better articles, which as at 2nd of Feb 2014 is 321 FA, 43 'A', and 536 GA class articles.


  • Trial phase
Up to 100 plaques, mostly from existing GA articles, by the end of April 2014.
  • Evaluation phase
WMAU will evaluate the effectiveness of the trial phase, and decide on improvements or extensions of the trial, with the possibility of extending into a continuous phase
  • Continuous phase
Nominations will be submitted as they arise, collected into batches, and approved from time to time by WMAU.

Cost estimates

  • 100 plaques: $4000
  • installation: $800
  • postage etc: $400

process pages

When an editor considers the page ready for a plaque they add it to the nomination page for review.