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This page is for the nomination of article to have a QR plaque provided by WMAU for installation at the location. Anyone may add, or review an article to determine if its meets the requirements for inclusion in the program. Nominators are requested to ensure that an issues arising in review are addressed. Reviewers please contact the nominator if have any concerns about passing the article.

Anyone may approach the location owners for permission to install the plaques, though this should be done with the prior knowledge of the committee to ensure that there is a coordinated approach. Once we recieve permission from the site the nomination will be moved to QRcode ready page where creation of artwork, printing, delivery processes will be monitored as well base line statistics. After the plaque is installed they will be added to List of installed QR codes where statistics and measurables will be published.

article name article rating location nom by reviewed by passed contacted by approved
w:Round House B (at GA) Fremantle Gnangarra example Y or N Gnangarra yes
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