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Proposal_talk: 2013 national town hall meeting program

Active on a Wikimedia Project

When you say in the Application process that you're looking for two regional editors "that have been 'highly-active editors' on a Wikimedia project for two months of the previous year", is that limited to projects of the Wikimedia Foundation itself, or can it include any project that runs on Wikimedia software? I registered an account on the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) wiki late last year and have been quite active there since then (currently at 1,300 edits). I am also active on the MinecraftWiki (with only 280 edits there). More recently I have been teaching myself about running a wikibot at The Test Wiki where I have accumulated over 900 edits, and my bot has made another 400 edits. That is a total of almost 3,000 edits since December last year. I know I don't meet the requirement of "for two months of the previous year", but would my participation in Wikimedia-enabled projects have counted, if I had of just registered a couple of months earlier? Despite having only recently joined the WMF project sites themselves this week? AugurNZ 20:10, 18 August 2013 (EST)