Resolution:2012 Annual General Meeting electronic election

This is a resolution passed by the Board of Wikimedia Australia.

Recognising that Resolution:2012 Annual General Meeting sets the AGM date at 25 November 2012 and election software must have been published before 21 October 2012,

Resolution: That Wikimedia Australia accepts the following electronic software as candidates for its committee election, and requests that members and the public inspect the code for suitability:

The committee notes that like Linux Australia and Linux Users Victoria, Wikimedia Australia allows candidates to stand for more than one position, and the position of Ordinary Member has multiple people elected to it.

The committee requests that both pieces of software are to be set up for all financial members to trial until 4 November 2012. These trial implementations may occur on any server.

The committee accepts that code changes may be made between now and the election to resolve problems identified with the published code. All software fixes must be published before 4 November 2012 when the committee will select which software will be used.

The selected software must be installed on the Wikimedia Australia server by one of our system administrators, and all candidates in the election must not have access to the Wikimedia Australia server after the election opens.

  • Support: John, Craig, Graham, Charles
  • Oppose:
  • Abstain:
  • Absent: Laura
  • No vote: Anne
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