Resolution: Paralympics 2012 funds reallocated

This is a resolution passed by the Committee of Wikimedia Australia.

The Paralympics 2012 WikiCup was approved in December 2011, for Wikimedia Australia to fund one of the two winners to attend the London 2012 Paralympics as the media representative of Wikimedia Australia. The WikiCup ran from 10 January to 30 June 2012. The winner and only participant to meet the stringent eligibility criteria is Toby Hudson (w:user:99of9). All of the WikiCup participants are commended for their quality content contributions during this period. Toby has declined the award of travelling to the London 2012 Paralympics.

The committee resolves that the funds previously allocated to the WikiCup winner are to be re-allocated to send HOPAU project member Ross Mallett (w:user:Hawkeye7) as the media representative of Wikimedia Australia.

Support: John (moved), Graham (seconded), Charles, Craig, Anne

16 July 2012‎

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