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WMAU is currently part way through a funded Annual Plan that runs from 1 July 2018 - 30 June 2019.

The Committee will meet 9 - 11 November 2018 to review progress against this Annual Plan and to commence the next round of strategic planning to inform a 2019-20 Annual Plan.



Friday 9 November 2018

5.00pm Happy Hour and dinner at Coffeehead, Railway Parade, Camberwell

7.30pm Session 1: Setting the scene

Julian via Skype

  • Welcome, introductions and getting to know you
    • What inspires you in terms of the movement?
    • What are your goals for the weekend?
    • What are your goals / priorities for your next 12 months work for Wikimedia?
  • Short presentations and discussion
    • WMAU (Pru)
    • NZ (Mike)
    • WMF (Asaf)

Review of program

Saturday 10 November 2018

9:00am start Followup and thoughts from Asaf regarding the current activities

  • Prioritising and Planning
  • Indigenous languages and cultural knowledge sharing
    • Len to speak about the Noongarpedia experience
    • Mike & Siobhan for insights on the Maori project
    • Asaf on the WMF plans and lexicographic developments
  • Reporting and infrastructure discussion and demos
    • Sam & Asaf on tools available through the WMF
    • Robert to answer any questions on WMAU account tools
  • Deciding, doing, documenting, and communicating

Time schedule

The discussion will move thorugh in the order above with Asaf facilitating, the aim is to maximise the availablility of Asaf, Len, and Mike with ongoing committee discussions and break time are approximate only. 8:00 -08:45 the gathering at coffeehead we'll meet up there in the morning 9:00 start 10:30 morning tea 12:30 lunch 15:30 afternoon tea 6.00pm Dinner

After dinner WMAU committee meeting Items for discussion

  • membership

Sunday 11 November 2018 Remembrance Day

8:30 am continue the discussions 10:00 head to Shrine of Rememberance for 11am service 12.30pm Meetup and lunch ACMI Cafe, Federation Square Melbourne 2.00pm Session 4: (Ross House, Mezzanine room at 247-251 Flinders Lane Melbourne) - SESSION OPEN TO PUBLIC

    • WikiCite presentation (Siobhan)
    • Technical walk through (Sam)
    • Critter of the week Museums work (Mike)
    • Indigenous languages (Len)
    • Asaf presentation

4.00pm Close -


Asaf Bartov will facilitate sessions of the workshop. Asaf is a program officer at the Wikimedia Foundation, and works in the Community Resources team, in a program called Community Capacity Development.


Wikimedia Australia committee: Pru Mitchell, Gideon Digby, Tom Hogarth, Robert Myers, Caddie Brain, Sam Wilson, Steve Crossin

Apologies: Julian Singh (Accessing remotely when possible)

Noongarpedia: Len Collard

New Zealand participants: Mike Dickison, Siobhan Leachman


  • Wikimania
  • Communication with the movement
    • Issues around isolation
    • being involved