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SWOT analysis 2011

This is a work in progress document started by User:Juttavd as part of the strategic planning process.



  • Tech savvy membership across a broad range of competencies esp. OSS.
  • Members with important other positions contacts, involvement.
    • Academically connected membership!
  • Positive financial balance!
  • Good contacts with allied orgs. in cultural institutions.
  • Geographic diversity [also a negative] - presence in membership and on committee in most states.
  • Public awareness of WP, great goodwill.
  • Connection to broader WM movement and associated capabilities.
  • English language community that reduces interaction costs.
  • Cheap, good software development infrastructure.


  • Lack of membership engagement.
  • Geographic diversity [also a positive] prevents IRL meet-ups.
  • Lack of communication (between cities/states, Chapter members, inter-Chapter, public).
  • Lack of a physical base.
  • Poor separation between activities of English WP and WMAU.
  • Lack of public and community awareness of Chapter.
  • Limited capability and capacity in NFP management (e.g. fundraising, press, legal, tech, etc)..
  • Australia's presence on English WP is difficult to measure and inconsequential.
  • Crown Copyright (vs US govt public domain) therefore harder to get govt-related Australian content.
  • Significant section of potential user base on dial-up, satellite. Part of broader digital divide.
  • Lack of understanding about WMAU membership demographics.
  • Financial management and reporting processes are underdeveloped.
  • Not currently DGR / charity status.


  • Working with the established Australian media (e.g. ABC).
  • Working with GLAM.
  • Working with Education.
  • Diversifying fundraising (e.g. grants from WMF/philanthropy or other organisations, including tied grants)
  • Becoming a significant granting body.
  • Nearby countries/languages - Indonesia, NZ, PNG.
  • Supporting Australian editors (esp. power users).
  • Gov't advocacy around free knowledge issues.
  • Supporting and developing the volunteer network (outreach, tech, fundraising, dev).


  • Low membership base in some regions and possible resulting disengagement.
  • Legal - suing for libel etc.
  • Changes on regulatory environment (e.g. public liability, tax, copyright, etc).
  • Changes in relationship with WMF (e.g. fundraising, trademarks).
  • Potential misuse of funds (internal or external).
  • Other Chapter / WMF / WP scandal and reputational issues.
  • Reliance of single revenue stream (not wholly in WMAU control).
  • Political breakdown in WMAU.

Background information

Please go to Retreat_March_2009/SWOT to see what was identified in 2009.

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