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Talk: Camera equipment program

Pre-approval discussion
Proposal talk:Camera equipment program/Archive 1

Geocoded categories

Commons categories can be geocoded. e.g. commons:Category:Basilique Saint-Sauveur de Rennes.

The program criteria only say "photographs must .. be geotagged, where applicable, to an accuracy of 10 km2". I think it is acceptable for the geocode to be on the category, if the category defines a region that is approximately 10 km2. If it is on the category, the information is machine readable, and the task of copying the geocode on the File: page or into the EXIF metadata can be automated by whoever wishes to use the information. John Vandenberg 12:45, 13 September 2012 (EST)

  • Strong Support. Lankiveil 17:05, 22 September 2012 (EST).

I thought this was already in operation. Why is it on the "Current Proposals" list? --99of9 22:18, 4 December 2012 (EST)

You're correct, this is already approved and in operation. I've moved it to the proper place in the proposal list. Lankiveil 23:59, 4 December 2012 (EST).