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Hello to all who venture here. Here is the wiki where you can discuss the meetups and where to from here items. Thanks. Austwithlove 13:50, 24 March 2012 (EST)

WMAU branded meetups

I think we should rename this page to avoid suggesting that any meetups are a Wikimedia Australia event at present.

I am not aware of anywhere in the world where the national chapter claims ownership of the wiki meetups in their country. The meetups (and public mailing lists) existed before the chapters, and they are organised by the community, with the primary organisation being conducted on community spaces (meta or wikipedia) rather than chapter operated spaces.

I could be wrong about that; it would be useful to look at what other chapters are doing with meetups.

The Indian chapter has Special Interest Groups (SIG) for several regions and cities, and they hold meetings, but I don't think they put their brand on the meetups.

It is quite possible that other chapters have successfully taken over the community meetups; a public discussion about this idea may uncover something like this having happened, and also any unsuccessful attempts.


Also, Wikimedia Australia does not have the concept of a 'Wikimedia Australia meetup'. It is great that the Melbourne members (esp. Anne, Brian & Steve) are key people involved in organising the last few Melbourne meetups, and making the meetups a regular event, and especially that they are providing food without being reimbursed by WMAU, however there hasnt been a proposal for 'Wikimedia Australia meetups'. The community, members and committee would need to consider a proposal before these meetups could be branded as chapter events.

If the Melbourne group want to be endorsed and covered by Wikimedia Australia, they should put up a proposal using the proposal process. Taking ownership of these events presents public liability issues if Wikimedia Australia brand is put on these events - the committee needs to explicitly approve a proposal to do this. John Vandenberg 18:29, 14 July 2012 (EST)