Wiki Loves Earth winners announced for 2022

Australia's most popular open access photography competition has crowned this year's winners
, James Gaunt.

A sunrise at Grampians National Park, and two Zebra Finches are featured among 15 photographs crowned winners of the 2022 Wiki Loves Earth photo competition in Australia. They will go on to compete in the international round.

This year's competition saw 865 photos uploaded to Wikimedia Commons from across Australia. Brent Clark photographed the Glasshouse Mountains from Mt Ngungun in Queensland for his entry. He explained how the photo came about.

"This shot was taken from the top of Mount Ngungun just after sunrise. I was actually supposed to scale Mount Beerwah that morning, but discovered it had been closed due to rockfall, so had to go elsewhere! It was a cold and windy morning, but the view always impresses", Brent said.

Faz D'Souza's entry of two weevils was taken in Perth's Kings Park while out walking, as they explained.

"I was walking along a path in Kings Park and first noticed the resin exuding from the flower spike of a Balga bush," Faz said. "I then noticed that there were a number of weevils present. I think the weevils were feeding on the flower spike despite the fact that it was not yet in bloom and the resin was the plant's defence mechanism. It also seemed to be mating season for the weevils and I managed to capture an initial attempt."

Open during June 2022, the Wiki Loves Earth competition helps build a collection of new photos that can be used to illustrate articles on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. It aims to highlight flora and fauna from protected areas, including national parks, conservation reserves and privately held land.

The Australian competition was organised by Wikimedians Margaret Donald and Annie Reynolds, who undertook weeks of work checking photos for eligibility and adding categories, metadata and ‘depicts statements’ for each image, all of which help describe an image and make it discoverable.

"I would like to thank all the pre-jurors who made possible an initial and fair cull," Margaret said. "Of the judges, we had Gideon Digby and Robert Myers who brought their considerable Wiki experience to the task, Ruth Palsson, a Wikimedian, botanist and photographer who identified a number of plants in the photographs submitted, Chris Bray, a 2021 prizewinner and photographer, and Michael Fromholz, contributor and photographer."

The 15 winning images were each awarded a $100 prize and will now compete internationally against other winners from around the world.

Wikimedia Australia thanks organisers Margaret and Annie, and the judges, for their tireless work and congratulates all contributors to the competition. We hope they are inspired to continue to upload their photos to Wikimedia Commons for years to come.


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