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James Gaunt
James Gaunt

About me

I'm a former Wikimedia Australia staff member (2021-2023).

I was Wikimedia Australia's first intern in 2021, and started The Record: Australian Music On Wikipedia project as Project Coordinator.

In 2022 I began working for Wikimedia Australia as Communications and Project Coordinator. I developed programs, partnerships, events, ran social media, and created content for this website.

My work

I ran several music related events as part of The Record: Australian Music On Wikipedia

Contact me

Since I no longer work here, please contact WMAU directly.

Authority control: Wikidata: Q111839001; Medium username: jimmyjrg; Goodreads author ID: 16081160; WorldCat Identities ID (superseded): viaf-311661320; TMDB person ID: 2771967; Wikimedia username: Jimmyjrg; Letterboxd actor ID: james-gaunt; ORCID iD: 0000-0002-9559-984X; IMDb ID: nm13958008; Twitter (X) username: jamesrgaunt; LinkedIn personal profile ID: james-r-gaunt

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