Wikimedia Australia April 2024 Update

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This month’s news and happenings include special announcements, inspirational projects and new events.

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Open letter on the Global Digital Compact from Wikimedia Australia and the Wikimedia Foundation

Amanda Lawrence, President of Wikimedia Australia, has penned an open letter, jointly issued by Wikimedia Australia and the Wikimedia Foundation, urging UN Member States to incorporate specific commitments into the Global Digital Compact. These commitments aim to foster the flourishing of online public interest projects, including Wikipedia, while safeguarding the communities behind them. Read the Open Letter.

WikiCon Australia 2024

WikiCon Australia is set to come to Adelaide in 2024! The WikiCon subcommittee is pleased to announce that WikiCon 2024 will be held in Adelaide, South Australia. No dates have been confirmed yet, but we anticipate it will be held in November. We look forward to building on the successes of WikiCon in Brisbane last year. Watch this space for further updates.

ANZSI-CSU SICS-Wikimedia Australia Partner Project Update

Students from across the range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses at the Charles Sturt University have been participating in regular ‘Wikithons’ throughout March and April, alongside members of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI). Led by Mary Coe and Pru Mitchel, as part of the Library and Information Science WikiProject, participants have been filling gaps in library and information science (LIS) related content on Wikimedia platforms whilst also developing their skills and confidence in Wiki editing. Read the update.

EPA Victoria WiR April 2024 Update

Olivia Fougerais, has completed her residency at the Environment Protection Authority Victoria. During her time at the EPA, she has explored the objectives of Wikimedia projects to improve the reach of EPA’s information and has edited Wikipedia to provide Wiki users of greater local environmental awareness issues. Read the full update.



In 2024, Wikimedia Australia and Wikimedia Aotearoa New Zealand are joining forces for 1Lib1Ref. 1Lib1Ref = one librarian, one reference. It's a campaign by librarians worldwide (and anyone passionate about free knowledge) to add missing references to Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia is a first stop for readers and researchers so it is essential that the content is trustworthy, unbiased, and contains up-to-date information. Join us to help improve the quality of content on Wikimedia platforms. 1Lib1Ref.

Coordinate Me 2024

Coordinate Me 2024 is an International Wikidata Geodata Competition for content with geodata, from towns and hospitals to public art and natural monuments. For the month of May, the goal is to improve or create Wikidata items with a coordinate location (P625) property. Join the competition immediately or explore the tools and resources specific to Australia. Read more about the project.

Online Community Meeting

The Australian Wikimedia community meets monthly online via Zoom. Attendance, presentations, questions or discussion points are welcome from anyone. The next online Community meeting will be held on Wednesday 8 May. See the event details.



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