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Happy Library Lovers Day!
, Ali Smith.

Library Lovers’ Day is a day to think about the important role that libraries play in our lives and in our communities as a place of safe and equitable access to information.

The staff at Wikimedia Australia are library lovers and it is clear to us that Wikipedia and libraries have similar aspirations and goals. They both exist to help people who are looking for information and these similarities have led to hundreds of collaborations between libraries and Wikipedians to build the future of open knowledge.

In honour of Library Lovers’ Day 2024, we are featuring one of our favourite libraries - The Women’s Library in Newtown, Sydney. The Women’s Library is a community-based library and a hub of lesbian and feminist activity. It stocks books "by women, for women" and aims to make feminist and lesbian literature more accessible.

The library hosts many events, exhibitions and groups including the Women Write Wiki project which has and continues to add amazing content to Wikipedia platforms.

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