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The first Special General Meeting of Wikimedia Australia, Inc.® will be held on Saturday 16th April 2011.

The scope is to vacate and fill the Secretary position, table any proposals that need a vote of the membership, and allow members an opportunity to change their organisation before their membership is up for renewal.

Any proposed agenda items require a special resolution, and must be published 21 days prior to the SGM, in accordance with the Rules (for proposed amendments to the rules, and process regarding special resolutions, see the Act).

The notice will be sent out to members on March 25, 2011.

Date, Time and Location

The SGM will be held on Saturday 16th April 2011. The time has not been decided yet. 14:00 AEST is usually when we hold general meetings.

Members are encouraged to organise regional general meeting venues.

As with our AGM, we hope to teleconference venues across the country. Each venue to be included in the teleconference must have at least two people who are either contributors to the Wikimedia projects or members of the organisation.


Non-members may be observers of the SGM, however their real name will be published in the minutes along with the real names of members in attendance.

Participation will be possible via IRC. Members wishing to vote via IRC must advise the committee of their IRC handle via an email to no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time of the SGM.

Members who are unable to attend the meeting may appoint another member to act as their proxy. Members wishing to appoint a proxy will need to complete the proxy form and email it to no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time of the SGM. Only current financial members may act as proxies.

A postal voting option may also be useful. If you are interested in this option, please let us know and arrangements will be made.


The IRC transcript will be distributed to the members list.

If possible, the teleconference audio will be also made available to members.

The minutes will be published on the website, with any IRC handles replaced with real names.


The agenda will consist of:

  • reports from members and committee members
  • motion to vacate the secretary office.
  • rules amendments tabled by the committee (notes on Talk:Rules)
  • proposals which need to be voted upon by our members to either comply with the Rules or the proposal process

Rule amendments

In 2008 the organisation adopted the model wmau:rules with only minor alterations as necessary to suit our purpose and community, and settled on a wmau:Statement of Purpose which was a suitable starting point, conducive to establishing the organisation with minimal hassles and delays. It was envisaged that the organisation would revisit these once the organisation was financially in a position to explore other options.

Two rule changes were proposed at the wmau:2010-2011 AGM, with one being approved by the members.

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