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Balance Sheet

The Association had a net asset position of $85,144 as at 30 June 2013.


Membership dues

Wikimedia Australia received $1520 in membership fees, or $1,381.68 after tax, in 86 transactions, from 64 members. 66 of these transactions were full fees amount of $20, and 20 were concessional fees amount of $10.

During this period several people have paid their 2011-12 dues late and their 2012-13 dues in time, and some members have paid the 2012-13 and 2013-14 dues at once.


Wikimedia Austalia recieved $330 in 7 donations from Australians. One of those was a $60 donation from a long-standing member of the organisation.

Wikimedia Foundation 2010-11 fundraiser

Wikimedia Australia recieved $1.397,13 from the Wikimedia Foundation, which is the balance of money owed to Wikimedia Australia from the 2011 fundraising period.

Wikimedia Foundation 2009-10 Grants

Wikimedia Australia returned a total of $2,874.23 unspent grant funds from the Wikimedia Foundation. The two grants were:

  • Board Capacity Development Grant
  • Printing & Merchandise Startup Kit Grant


Wikimedia Austalia received $277.51 in interest.


Wikimedia Australia spent $57.573,88, largely on Wikimedians to the Games in London, the Languages Conference in Indonesia, Paralympic Winter Sports in Copper Mountain, Colorado, the ALIA conferences in Brisbane.