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SWOT analysis 2009

Copied from Retreat_March_2009/SWOT


Tech savvy membership across a broad range of competencies esp. OSS. Members with important other positions contacts, involvement. Positive financial balance. Good contacts with allied orgs. in cultural institutions Geographically diverse [also a negative]. Public awareness of WP, great goodwill. English language community


Poor links to some states, especially brisbane which has enough people, but not much relationship with the committee. Not much money (?) Geographically diverse [also a positive] No dedicated tech person (committee position) Lack of public awareness of Chapter No experience in fundraising Poor allies in media.


Grants - WMF and other. Media [also threat] Fundraising Merchandise - esp. licensing of english logos/marks. Nearby countries/languages - Indo., N.Z., PNG, Gov't policy changes (good or bad) such as Internet filter = positive attention to us [also threat]


Members not renewing. States feeling left out - factionalising? Tech infrastructure failing (hosting Legal - suing for libel etc. Copyright lobby Media [also opportunity] Gov't policy changes.

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