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SWOT analysis 2009

Copied from Retreat_March_2009/SWOT. Needs to be updated.


  • Tech savvy membership across a broad range of competencies esp. OSS.
  • Members with important other positions contacts, involvement.
  • Positive financial balance.
  • Good contacts with allied orgs. in cultural institutions
  • Geographically diverse [also a negative].
  • Public awareness of WP, great goodwill.
  • English language community


  • Poor links to some states, especially brisbane which has enough people, but not much relationship with the committee.
  • Not much money (?)
  • Geographically diverse [also a positive]
  • No dedicated tech person (committee position)
  • Lack of public awareness of Chapter
  • No experience in fundraising
  • Poor allies in media.


  • Grants - WMF and other.
  • Media [also threat]
  • Fundraising
  • Merchandise - esp. licensing of english logos/marks.
  • Nearby countries/languages - Indo., N.Z., PNG,
  • Gov't policy changes (good or bad) such as Internet filter = positive attention to us [also threat]


  • Members not renewing.
  • States feeling left out - factionalising?
  • Tech infrastructure failing (hosting
  • Legal - suing for libel etc.
  • Copyright lobby
  • Media [also opportunity]
  • Gov't policy changes.
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