2009-2010 AGM/Minutes



  1. Apologies, attendance (connect with returning officers in each locale)
  2. Thanks
  3. To confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting
  4. To receive the committee reports
    1. Treasurer's Report (in accordance with section 30(3) of the Act)
    2. Secretary's Report
    3. President's Report
      1. GLAM-WIKI Report
  5. To elect officers of the Association and the ordinary members of the committee
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Ordinary Members (2)

Minutes of 2009-2010 Annual General Meeting of Members

The second annual general meeting of the members of Wikimedia Australia, Inc. was chaired in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of Association, by Brianna Laugher, president of Wikimedia Australia, from Computerbank Victoria, 83 Victoria Street, West Melbourne, Victoria, on 29 November, 2009, at 1400 AEDT. Sarah Ewart, secretary of Wikimedia Australia, also being present at the Computerbank offices in West Melbourne, served as secretary of the meeting.

The chair welcomed all members attending in person at the regional venues, by teleconference and online via IRC, and declared the meeting open.

Returning officers

The secretary presented the chair with the names of the members the secretary had appointed prior to the meeting, under the Rules of Association, as Returning Officers for each remote venue. The Returning Officers appointed by the secretary were:

  • Adam Jenkins in South Australia
  • Craig Franklin in Queensland


The secretary presented the chair with a roll of members with current memberships, registered and entitled to participate and vote at the meeting and a roll call was then conducted.

The following members were recognised by the chair as financial members entitled to vote and participate in the meeting:

Present at meeting venues

Computerbank, West Melbourne

  • Brianna Laugher (Chair)
  • Sarah Ewart (Secretary)
  • Brian Salter-Duke
  • Stephen Bain
  • Alex Lum

The Franklin residence, Queensland

  • Craig Franklin (Returning Officer)
  • Lloyd Nguyen
  • David Elson
  • Nicola Hourigan

University of South Australia, Adelaide

  • Adam Jenkins (Returning Officer)
  • Darren Peacock

Members registered for IRC participation

  • James R.
  • Angela Beesley
  • David Howe
  • Mark Hurd
  • Robert Myers
  • Lloyd Nguyen
  • Adam Karpathakis
  • Charles Gregory

Phone conference

  • Liam Wyatt
  • Steve Peters
  • Andrew Owens

Observers not recognised by the chair

Peter Markham


The secretary presented the chair with completed proxy forms which were received in accordance with the terms specified by the Rules of Association. The following members were then recognized as represented by a valid proxy, as named below:

  • Pru Mitchell, proxy assigned to the Chair.
  • Nick Jenkins, proxy assigned to Liam Wyatt.
  • Martin Schwenke, proxy assigned to Sarah Ewart.


The secretary presented the chair with a list of apologies received prior to the meeting. The following apologies were accepted and recorded:

  • Pru Mitchell,
  • Ian Brown,
  • Nathan Carter,
  • Martin Schwenke,
  • Nick Jenkins,
  • Tim Starling

Previous minutes

The chair submitted the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 11 January 2009, as recorded on the official website at 2008-2009_AGM/Minutes for approval.

  • Resolution: The minutes of the 2008-2009 Annual General Meeting are approved, confirmed and ratified.
  • Moved: Brianna Laugher
  • Seconded: Sarah Ewart
  • Abstained: Adam Jenkins, Darren Peacock
  • Carried without dissent

Thanks to the outgoing committee

  • Resolution: The outgoing committee is thanked for their work over the last year.
  • Moved: Andrew Owens
  • Seconded: Steve Peters
  • Carried without dissent

Executive officer reports submitted

The chair acknowledged the annual executive officer reports submitted by the president, secretary and treasurer under the Rules of Association. These reports are recorded on the official website at:

The chair also acknowledged a report regarding the August 2009 conference, "GLAM-WIKI: Finding the common ground," submitted by Liam Wyatt, convener of the conference, which is also recorded on Wikimedia Australia's official website:

The chair invited members to raise any questions, comments or concerns regarding the reports. None were raised, so the chair moved that the reports be accepted.

  • Resolution: The reports submitted by the president, secretary and treasurer, and the GLAM-Wiki report submitted by Liam Wyatt, are acknowledged and accepted.
  • Moved: Brianna Laugher
  • Seconded: Stephen Bain
  • Carried without dissent

Election of new committee

The chair announced the results of the election of officers which was held during the preceding week. The following members were elected to seats on the committee for the 2009-2010 year:

  • Brianna Laugher, President
  • Liam Wyatt, Vice President
  • Sarah Ewart, Secretary
  • Steve Peters, Treasurer
  • Brian Salter-Duke, Ordinary member
  • Andrew Owens, Ordinary member
  • Resolution: The results of the election for seats on the 2009-2010 committee are accepted and confirmed.
  • Moved: Stephen Bain
  • Seconded: Brian Salter-Duke
  • Carried without dissent

The chair declared that all items specified in the agenda were now addressed and the meeting was completed and declared closed.

These minutes were recorded by Sarah Ewart, secretary of Wikimedia Australia, serving as secretary of the 2009-2010 Annual General Meeting of members of Wikimedia Australia on 29 November, 2009.

(End of minutes)

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