Election software

Wikimedia Australia originally used memberdb for membership and AGM committee elections. At the April 2011 SGM the rules were amended to require that electronic voting "software source code [must be] available to the public 28 days before the ballot opens."

CiviCRM was implemented in 2010 for CRM and membership, and memberdb was again used at the 2011 AGM for the committee election.

In 2011 user:Bilby published a replacement software package.

After the Meeting:2011 AGM, our election officer and secretary wrote Election Report - 2011-2012 WMAU Committee Nominations and Voting.


The software involves two main files:

index.php handles most of the work. tally.inc is only responsible for calculating and outputting the final result. Other files are used to create the UI elements or load configuration, but have no core executable code.

A variant of tally.inc, Election software/tally.inc (Hare-Clark), is also available. It uses the Droop quota + Hare-Clark to manage redistribution of votes.

Other files are:

HTML is managed by:

SQL is also available, including some test data.

Other options

  • OpaVote online election. Code is available via EULA - also could be on the internet
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