Meeting: 2013 AGM/Candidates/Gideon Digby

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I'd like to thank those that nominated me for the committee, I've been aorund since before WMAU started and have always worked to promote WMAU by being on the committee I hope ot be able to serve the community and help others who are trying to do so. I been behind the creation of Freopedia , Toodyaypedia and are working towards another WikiTown, I 'm also supportive part of the Wheatbelt projects which has applied for a WMF grant as well as proposed that WMAU take the lead in establishing best practices for WikiTown projects.

There are many area's that WMAU still needs to work on if its to grow and be even more successful into the future;

  • secure funding to function through the FDC process and thru other sources
  • build our own image within the editing community
  • improve our communication with members so that the work that is on going gets improve support and new ideas get an opportunity to evolve

As my nomination for Vice President was uncontested I welcome the opportunity to work with whoever becomes President to lead this community forward and ensure that someone is always available for the community to discuss ideas with.

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