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Minutes of the 2015 AGM of Wikimedia Australia, Inc.

  • Date: 11 October 2015
  • Meeting opened at 16:10 AEDST, Gideon Digby (Vice President) in the chair.

1. Attendance and Apologies
  • Attendees: Gideon Digby (Chair), Andrew Owens (minutes), Michael Billington, Pru Mitchell, Charles Gregory (from 16:19), Gillian White, Sam Wilson, Lyle Allan (IRC)
  • Apologies: Steven Crossin, Craig Franklin, Kerry Raymond, Mark Hurd, Toby Hudson, Robert Myers
2. Minutes
2.1 Acceptance of the minutes of the 2014 AGM - Moved Gideon Digby, seconded Michael Billington, carried without dissent
3. Reports
3.1 A president's report was not submitted by the outgoing president, so Gideon Digby (as vice president) delivered an impromptu report on activities during the term. The committee had focused on delivering a conference in Brisbane, but thsi was discontinued due to lack of interest and funding from WMF. Gillian White in Sydney coordinated projects at SLNSW and GLAM/education events at UNSW. Pru Mitchell organised talks to ALIA chapters all over the country, which were delivered by members and generated interest and opportunities in the library community. In Western Australia, Gideon negotiated a language project with the Noongar people and considerable headway was made, while Toodyaypedia and Freopedia are continuing. At present WA Wikimedians are working with Notre Dame, Curtin and UWA (ARC) on projects. 3 Wikimedians in Residence are based at UWA as part of the Noongar project.
Discussion followed, and answering a question by Gillian, the incoming committee will document the education projects for members.
Acceptance of verbal report in lieu of President's Report - Moved Andrew Owens, seconded Gillian White, carried without dissent.
3.2 Acceptance of the Treasurer's Report - Moved Gideon Digby, seconded Pru Mitchell, carried without dissent. Michael presented the report, and statements will be submitted to the CAV following the meeting. Cash balance was $66,463 at 30 June 2015.
3.3 Acceptance of the Secretary's Report - Moved Gideon Digby, seconded Michael Billington, carried without dissent.
4. Election - not required due to sufficient candidates for all positions.
4.1 Thanks
The chair thanked the outgoing committee - Steven concludes three years on the committee and two as President, and had to sort out many issues early in his first term to keep the chapter solvent and turn its direction around. Michael, who has served two terms as Treasurer, has in addition to Treasurer duties helped out in a technical capacity and in particular reviving the website. Andrew noted Michael has also helped with membership and he had enjoyed working with him. Kerry and Craig were thanked for their efforts in Queensland and trying to make the conference a success. And thanks to all continuing members of the committee.
4.2 Nominations
Michael Billington chaired this portion of the meeting.
The Secretary put on record a statement, the key part of which read: "Three executive and two general nominations were received by the close of nominations, all of which were valid nominations under the Rules of current financial members. All of these were unopposed and would otherwise be declared elected, with the three remaining positions to be filled at the AGM. However, following the close of nominations, the President withdrew his nomination. The outgoing Vice President had been renominated, but had indicated to his nominator and seconder in the emails - held on record - that he would accept the President's role if it were vacant."
After asking for nominations from the floor and none being put forward:
  • MOTION: That Gideon Digby be declared President of Wikimedia Australia for the 2015-16 term, in line with Rule 23(3). Moved Michael Billington, seconded Andrew Owens, carried without dissent.
  • MOTION: That Pru Mitchell be declared Vice President of Wikimedia Australia for the 2015-16 term, in line with Rule 23(3). Moved Michael Billington, seconded Gillian White. Andrew spoke to the motion supporting it, noting Pru's activity as an excellent ambassador for the chapter over the past two terms. Carried without dissent.
  • No nominations were received for treasurer. The incoming committee will have 14 days to fill the vacancy.
  • One nomination was received for secretary from Andrew Owens, and he was declared elected.
  • One nomination was received for ordinary committee from Charles Gregory, and he was declared elected.
  • The valid nomination of Pru Mitchell as ordinary committee was voided under Rule 23(2) as she had been declared Vice President.
  • MOTION: That Robert Myers be declared an Ordinary Committee Member of Wikimedia Australia for the 2015-16 term, in line with Rule 23(3). Moved by Andrew Owens, seconded by Gideon and Pru. Andrew noted he had served during the 2013-14 term, and had successfully conducted and reported on various small projects under the Volunteer Support Programme. Carried without dissent. ACTION: Andrew to inform Robert so he could formally accept the AGM's resolution.
  • Two general committee vacancies remain and can if necessary be co-opted by the committee at a later time.
5. General Business
State branches proposal presented by Gideon. This would involve local informal organisations being recognised by Wikimedia Australia as branches of the chapter, provided that certain requirements are met.
Michael thanked Telstra for providing the phone conference and Monash Uni for providing a Victorian venue for the AGM.

Closed 16:56 AEDST.

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