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2015 Annual General Meeting of Wikimedia Australia Inc.

The Annual General Meeting of Wikimedia Australia, Inc.® for 2015 was held on Sunday 11 October 2015 via Skype, at 4pm AEDST (3pm QLD, 3:30pm SA, 1pm WA).

The scope of the meeting was to receive the annual reports from officers of the association, and announce the results of the ballot for the management committee for the upcoming year.

The notice was sent out to members on 26 September 2015. The minutes of the meeting are at Meeting:2015 AGM/Minutes



All times use AEST

  • 00:00, Tuesday 29 September 2015 - Nominations open for election of new committee members
  • 23:59, Sunday 4 October 2015 - Nominations close
  • 09:00, Tuesday 6 October 2015 - Voting for new committee begins (if required)
  • 16:00, Saturday 10 October 2015 - Voting closes. Proxy forms to be received
  • 16:00, Sunday 11 October 2015 - Annual General Meeting held
  • Sunday 8 November 2015 - Adjournment meeting (if required)


1. Attendance and Apologies
2. Minutes
2.1 Acceptance of the minutes of the 2014 AGM
3. Reports
3.1 Acceptance of the President's Report
3.2 Acceptance of the Treasurer's Report
3.3 Acceptance of the Secretary's Report
4. Election
5. General Business
6. Thanks


Nominations and seconds for positions on the management committee must be sent to the Secretary by 11:59pm (AEST) on Sunday 6 October. Self-nominations will not be accepted and all nominations must be seconded. The person being nominated must be a current financial member of the Association.

Statement by the Secretary: The situation with nominations is as follows. Three executive and two general nominations were received by the close of nominations, all of which were valid nominations under the Rules of current financial members. All of these were unopposed and would otherwise be declared elected, with the three remaining positions to be filled at the AGM. However, following the close of nominations, the President withdrew his nomination. The outgoing Vice President had been renominated, but had indicated to his nominator and seconder in the emails - held on record - that he would accept the President's role if it were vacant. As this condition has been met, I have treated the nomination as if it were for President. However, the AGM will need to ratify this, in light of Rule 23(2). The position of Vice President, Treasurer and two (likely three) positions can receive nominations from the floor at the AGM per Rule 23(3).


Gideon Digby (statement)/(questions)
Nominated by: Michael Billington, Andrew Owens
For formality, this nomination will need to be ratified by the AGM.

Vice President

See note above. Pending the concurrence of the AGM on the President's role, Pru Mitchell will be nominated at the AGM by two members of the committee, with her concurrence.


No nominations received.


Andrew Owens (statement)/(questions)
Nominated by: Gideon Digby, Michael Billington

Ordinary members

four seats
Charles Gregory (statement)/(questions)
Nominated by: Pru Mitchell, Andrew Owens
Pru Mitchell (statement)/(questions)
Nominated by: Kerry Raymond, Andrew Owens
Two vacant positions for which nominations were not received.