Meeting:Committee (2009-12-20)

Start time: 1700 Australian Eastern #wmau-comm

Attendance: Brianna (chair), Liam, Brian, Steve, Andrew, Sarah (minutes).

Apologies: none



Resolution: Accept minutes of previous meeting: Meeting:Committee (2009 November 03).

  • moved - Brianna
  • seconded - Andrew
  • abstain - Steve
  • CWD

Updating bank signatories

Resolution: That Brianna Laugher, Sarah Ewart, Steve Peters and Brian Salter-Duke are named as signatories for the Wikimedia Australia account at Bendigo Bank.

  • moved - Brianna
  • seconded - Brian
  • CWD

Brianna will pick up the relevant paperwork from the bank.

WMF internal mailing list and wiki membership

Per the Wikimedia Foundation's chapters committee Access_to_internal resolution, the chapter's nominated subscribers for this term will be Brianna, Liam, Steve, Sarah and Andrew, with Steve replacing out-going treasurer Brian, and Andrew replacing out-going committee member John.

Resolution: That Brianna Laugher, Liam Wyatt, Steve Peters, Sarah Ewart and Andrew Owens are nominated to be given access to WMF internal wiki and mailing list.

  • moved - Brian
  • seconded - Brianna
  • CWD

Brianna will contact the internal admins to arrange the updated access.

Approve use of Grant Applications/Board Capacity Development funds for the January meeting in Melbourne

Committee members travelling to the Melbourne have provided an estimate of travel costs. Estimates provided were $500 for Andrew, $167 for Liam, $265 for Steve, $40 for Sarah. Brian and Brianna have no anticipated travel expenses.

Resolution: The committee approves the use of up to $1000 from the WMF Board Capacity Development grant in order to travel to Melbourne over the final weekend of January 2010 to meet in person. Money to be used for the purposes of repaying travel costs by the cheapest reasonable and verifiable means.

  • moved - Brian
  • seconded - Steve
  • CWD

Editing rights on the official chapter wiki

The committee has discussed the issue of opening editing of the official wiki. Sarah suggested an alternative compromise of leaving the official pages at the official wiki with restricted editing and creating a second community sub-domain for discussion pages, sign up pages, etc. Andrew indicated he could support something similar and Brianna suggested moving everything to Liam said this would only serve to split the community further.

Brian and Steve suggested leaving the issue to discuss further at the meeting in January. Brian indicated he would be willing to second a motion if certain amendments were made to the motion regarding templates at the top of pages to distinguish between official and non-official pages. Some discussion then took place about the specifics but Liam was unable to incorporate Brian's amendments into his motion and moved the following two motions:

Motion: That all users of be registed with an account; editing locks be placed on "official" pages (e.g. minutes, rules...) to be changed by the committee only; notification placed on official pages that content is sanctioned."

Motion: That editing of be opened to non-members (provided they register accounts)

Both motions failed to find support and were not seconded.


Brian provided an update on his progress with the state fundraising approvals. Brian said he supports joining the end of the fundraiser in Victoria, Northern Territory and ACT, but we can only do it up to $15,000. There are other issues with other states such as auditor requirements and a 28 day application in Tasmania.


Liam to look into creating a donation page on civicrm.


Sarah and Brianna to look at a donor privacy policy.


The committee discussed printing business cards and decided generic (non-personalised) business cards would be sufficient. Steve offered to get a quote for printing.


Steve will get quote for generic (non-personalised) business cards.

Enable LiquidThreads discussion software to the committee wiki and "official" wiki of the Chapter

The committee discussed enabling the LiquidThreads extension on both the committee's wiki and official wiki. Most of the committee felt there was insufficient information at present to make an informed decision and that we have many other tech matters that are central to the chapter's purpose and that LiquidThreads is a lower priority. Brian, Steve, Andrew and Brianna suggested this item be deferred for further discussion when there is more information.

Liam moved a motion: "Request Andrew Garrett, as Chapter sysadmin and author of the software, enable LiquidThreads on WM-Au wikis." However, the motion failed to find support and was not seconded.

Items deferred

  • Create and empower merchandise and membership kit sub-committee: This item was deferred pending further discussion on the committee's wiki/mailing list and at the January meeting in Melbourne.

Meeting closed 1900.

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