Meeting:Committee (2012-07-31)

The July committee meeting was rescheduled for the fourth Sunday of the month (22 July) due to two committee members, Charles and Graham, representing the Chapter at Wikimania in Washington DC.

The July committee meeting was held over two days, that is 22 July and adjourned until 31 July for completion of unfinished business. These Minutes reflect the business of the July committee meeting held over two days.

Part 1

The committee meeting of 22 July commenced at 15:03 hours (AEST) [Log 22 July, 15:03 hours] on #wmau-comm.


  • Attendance: John (Chair), Anne (Minutes), Charles, Craig
  • Apologies: Graham, Laura


The Chair informed the meeting that flight schedules had precluded an edit of the Agenda items and added that this meeting will commence with the June Minutes and action items.

The meeting linked to the Minutes of 15 April and 17 June for review and to address the action items contained in the June Minutes. The Chair advised the meeting that discussion had begun on the April Minutes. [Log 15:05]


The Chair sought discussion and clarification in the April Minutes on items membership renewals strategy and the technology report, summarising items. [Log 15:23]. Adjustments were made to the minutes. [Log 15:27]

Motion: That the Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 15 April be accepted. [Log 15:42]

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Craig
  • Support: Charles, Anne

Carried without dissent [Log: 15:43]


The Chair linked to the June Minutes and sought the committee's response on any matters requiring discussion before accepting them. [Log: 15:44].

The Chair began by seeking discussion on the "WMAU Meetup naming issue", as the draft Minutes had been reverted a few times between 'WMAU .. Meetup' and 'Meetup'. The issue had been discussed on the committee mailing list, without resolution. Craig's offered his preference being to call it a "meetup". John sought advice from the meeting as to whether there was something from today's Melbourne meeting that might influence how we refer to these meetups. John advised the meeting that he is strongly opposed to it until there is a community-led proposal for a meetup to be branded as a WMAU event, and a committee decision to enact that. [Log: 15:52].

The meeting also noted the discussion that had taken place on the internal-l mailing list and that committee had been following the discussion. Anne clarified that the internal-l discussions indicated that both community meetups and chapter named meetups occur globally. Charles noted it was nice to promote the chapter by referencing our name; however, he noted that they are English Wikipedia meetups.

Anne sought leave that the draft Minutes for June reflect the WMAU meetup naming as this year's meetups in Melbourne have been called WMAU Melbourne meetups, and the participants have been aware and pleased to learn about the Chapter, Wikipedia, and training. The Chair responded that publishing the June Minutes with a notice would be a way forward. There was consensus that the minutes could be published with a notice in the minutes indicating that the use of the name "Wikimedia Australia" for meetups was open for discussion after publication. It was noted that the chair had previously initiated a discussion on the public page wmau:Talk:Meetups:WMAU Melbourne Meetups 2012. [Log: 16:19].

All members of the committee proposed a notice for the June Minutes on this matter, however there was strong objection to all notices proposed. To break the impasse and ensure the minutes were approved for publication before the meeting closed, the Chair put forward a resolution to prohibit use of "Wikimedia Australia" for meetups in Melbourne without prior approval from the committee of the organisation.

Motion: That all reference to WMAU association with the Melbourne meetups is to be removed from the Wikimedia Australia wiki, and the phrase "Wikimedia Australia Melbourne Meetup" should not be used again unless the committee has approved the use of the WMAU brand for a meetup. [Log: 16:46].

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Craig
  • Support: Charles, Anne

Motion: That the Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 17 June are accepted.

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Charles
  • Support: Craig, Anne

Carried without dissent [Log: 16:50].

WMAU Program Activity

W2G - outcome of competition

Craig asked for the resolution for the Paralympics 2012 funds reallocation to be published. John advised the committee that the two people going to London, Ross and Laura, had been notified of the decision. Charles advised the Paralympics project was included as a highlight in the "cool chapter projects" presentation at Wikimania. John indicated that a press release was in the process of being written.


Resolution:Paralympics 2012 funds reallocated‎ to be published.

Meeting closed at 16:58 to be resumed at a later date and time

The Chair advised the meeting that his schedule today precluded him from staying longer. The committee agreed to hold a one hour meeting the following week to deal with the other routine business.

Part 2

The July committee meeting resumed on 31 July commencing at 19:04 hours (AEST) [Log 31 July, 19:03 hours] on #wmau-comm. The Chair crossed to the Agenda for the July committee meeting.


  • Attendance: John (Chair), Anne (Minutes), Charles, Craig, Graham
  • Apologies: Laura


Membership Report

Membership renewals have been sent out to members who have not renewed their membership. Craig reported that there have been eight renewals in July. These renewals have been entered into Xero, but they are not yet all entered into CiviCRM. One new member joined in July.


Craig to enter the renewals into CiviCRM [Log 19:10]

The Chair asked if there could be a discussion, led by the Treasurer, over the next month on how we can produce a publishable monthly financial report and distribute to the members for comment. Craig affirmed the idea and will put the discussion to the members list. [Log 19:23-27]


Craig to initiate a discussion on the members list.

There was one new member in July. No new wiki accounts have been created since the June committee meeting.

Public Officer Report

The updating of the WMAU contact details for Craig with the Australian Taxation Office was delayed pending advice from ATO of additional details, which was done and now been accepted by ATO.

The Chair sought to deal efficiently with Agenda items and then there would be time for the committee to discuss the 2011 Audit of the financial statements. The Audit is nearing completion and we will soon be able to advise the CAV and NSW fundraising authorities.

Incoming Correspondence Report

The Chair reported on three items of correspondence: a notice regarding the FDC session at Wikimania; another on an out of date press contact detail, advised by WMF; and finally an individual advising the need for a correction on Wikipedia. The latter sent to a WMAU member to reply on behalf of WMAU, or in lieu of that the OTRS queue.

The press contact is to be changed to , which in turn goes to .

Motion: That will be updated to reflect the fact that is the correct email address for all press enquiries to Wikimedia Australia.

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Charles
  • Support: Craig, Graham, Anne [Log 19:36]

Craig to update


John to refer the Wikipedia matter to OTRS if it is not handled by the WMAU member.


Craig advised that there was no report regarding payments to be made or estimated future costs at the present time.

WMAU Program Activity

Wikimedians to the Games

In mid-July the committee passed the following resolution:

Motion: The Paralympics 2012 WikiCup [also known as "Wikimedians to the Games"] was approved in December 2011, for Wikimedia Australia to fund one of the two winners to attend the London 2012 Paralympics as the media representative of Wikimedia Australia. The WikiCup ran from 10 January to 30 June 2012. The winner and only participant to meet the stringent eligibility criteria is Toby Hudson (w:user:99of9). All of the WikiCup participants are commended for their quality content contributions during this period. Toby has declined the award of travelling to the London 2012 Paralympics.

The committee resolves that the funds previously allocated to the WikiCup winner are to be re-allocated to send HOPAU project member Ross Mallett (w:user:Hawkeye7) as the media representative of Wikimedia Australia.

  • Support: John (moved), Graham (seconded), Charles, Craig, Anne
  • Oppose:
  • Abstain:

The meeting discussed the costs involved for one person and noted that costs had increased since the initial allocation of $7,500 in the December 2011 resolution.

Motion: That the Wikimedia Australia committee notes that the funding required to send a Wikimedian to the Paralympics is higher than the estimate in December, and the committee allocates $11,000 to be available to reimburse APC, for the costs of one person, upon receipt of invoice.

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Graham
  • Support: Craig, Anne, Charles

Carried without dissent [Log 20:22]


Dictionary of Sydney

John reported that the committee notes that WMAU proposal 'Dictionary of Sydney' support letter was written on 25 July 2012, actioned on 27 July 2012, and was mentioned in a blog post where the Dictionary of Sydney announced that its funding was secure. The committee thanks the members who were involved in this proposal.

2013 National Town Hall Meeting program

John reported that the committee notes that WMAU proposal '2013 national town hall meeting program' was drafted at the last public IRC meeting (Sunday 1 July 2012), but has not yet been submitted for review. Craig advised of the need to ascertain the funding requirements.

Australian War Memorial (AWM)

The Chair discussed WMAU receiving individual requests and therefore highlighted the need for a general program modelled along the lines of 'Wiki Takes Perth Foreshore', for example one interstate travel 'grant' and up to 10 small 'grants'. Craig sought clarification as to whether the AWM event was meant to be a WMAU event. He also brought up the need to identify the expected benefit to WMAU and its relevance to the strategic plan.

After discussion, the committee decided to provide funding for the event after discussion with the members and if there was a consensus to do so, however a public proposal would need to be made for this. The committee will make a decision on the matter as soon as the proposal is ready. [Log 19:51]

General Discussion

Reporting responsibilities by recipients of grants

The Chair highlighted that reports from recipients of 'grants' remain outstanding and requested that recipients of grants submit their reports, a pre-condition of receiving 'grants'.



Audit of Financial Statements 30 June 2011

Craig advised that the audit of WMAU financial statements is nearing completion except for providing the auditor with the membership list ending 30 June 2011. The main issue is that those who paid membership fees need to be clarified for the auditor. The background to compiling a list of paid up members happened around August and September 2011 in time for the AGM in October; this work was completed. Subsequent to the clean up of the membership list was the Audit which began in December, requiring the membership list up to the end of the financial year 30 June 2011 which in turn requires clarification of payments received for that membership year via the income received from membership fees. The CiviCRM database for this period is not a reliable source. Craig is to supply the definitive list based on his analysis of payment of membership fees received for the defined period. [Log 20:02]


Craig [Log 20:04]

Meeting closed 20:22

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