Meeting:Committee (2012-09-22)

The committee meeting of 22 September 2012 commenced at 15:10 AEST on #wmau-comm and concluded at 17:15 AEST.


  • Attendance: John (Chair; Minutes), Charles, Craig, Graham
  • Apologies: Laura
  • Absent: Anne


After some discussion and minor alterations, the Chair moved that the Minutes be accepted.

Motion: That the Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 19 August be accepted.

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Charles
  • Support: Craig, Graham

Carried without dissent [Log: 15:44]


Membership Report

There were 2 membership renewals in August.

There were 4 new membership applications in August.

There was 1 new financial member in August.

One new wiki account was requested in August, but it was declined as the request was for an account to contribute to an Australian project like Wikipedia.

John raised the matter of membership renewals, which have been trickling in since the formal 1 July deadline defined in Rule 4(12). While no problem is caused by continuing to allow renewals, it is technically not permitted in the rules. In previous years renewals have been accepted up to the night of the AGM, and previously financial members haven't been removed from or the wiki until around the time of the AGM. The committee agreed to set the date to no longer accept renewals as 1 October 2012 to audit and synronise the various membership and access lists, such as the mailing list and the public wiki list.

Previous financial members who wish to continue their membership after that date will still be able to send their annual membership dues to the treasurer at their convenience, in which case their access will be restored.

The committee calls for all membership renewals to be finalised by September 30. Non-financial members after this date will be removed from the members mailing list and their 'financial' status on the wiki will be removed.
  • Moved: Craig
  • Seconded: John
  • Support: Graham, Charles

Carried without dissent [Log: 16:14]


John to publish this resolution today and notify the members.


Craig and John and Anne to audit the member list on September 30 and October 1.

Incoming Correspondence Report

John again has not brought the incoming correspondence register up to date.


John to update the incoming correspondence register, ensure all incoming correspondence has been handled, and provide a report for the minutes.

After the meeting John provided the following report for the minutes:

In August there were eight incoming correspondence items. Only one item was regarding English Wikipedia content.

The June correspondence report omitted incoming correspondence that was sent from Wikimedia Foundation staff member Michelle Paulson to John and Laura requesting information regarding litigation that Wikimedia Australia has been involved in. Wikimedia Australia had promptly provided the WMF with a detailed list of relevant cases since 2010, and in August Michelle Paulson thanked Wikimedia Australia for the detailed report.

Wikimedia Australia received a complaint about the wikipedia copy/spoof that was hosted at . It was referred to the attention of the Wikimedia Foundation legal team. According to the Wikipedia help desk of 24 June, the Wikimedia Foundation was already aware of the situation. (w:Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2012_June_24# The site has now been shut down.

One email was requesting the contact details of a Wikimedia Australia member. The member was informed of the request, and contact was made.

We received a press inquiry from Isabelle Oderberg, Herald Sun social media reporter. Charles handled the inquiry and notified the community of what she was seeking at w:Wikipedia_talk:WikiProject_Melbourne#Attention_Melbourne_editors! and

We were informed in August that an unauthorised $1 charge on an Australian credit card by the Wikimedia Foundation had occurred on 30 June 2012, and the problem had been reported to This follows a similar complaint being sent to both OTRS and to many chapters in July by someone in Peru (which doesnt have a chapter), who was fraudulently charged six times on 10 June 2012, four being $1.15 and the other two being $11.55 and $19.25. We note that this problem is well known, and in 2010 resulted in credit card processing being disabled (meta:Wikimedia_Foundation_Report,_April_2010#Fundraising). In both cases the WMF has refunded the fraudulent charge.

Leigh Thelmadatter requested that we inform our members that the first issue of the Education newsletter is available at outreach:Education_Portal/Newsletter.

In August the Wikimedia Australia was informed of the Fremantle QR project. See w:Wikipedia:GLAM/Freopedia.

Finance Report

The Treasurer tabled the Xero August Management Report, which was accepted.

The Treasurer informed the committee that all files for the 2011 FY audit were been sent to auditor and are awaiting partner review. Craig attempted to follow up with the auditor on Friday to obtain an ETA on that, but could not make contact.

The committee discussed and planned for the 2012 FY audit, which is to commence once the 2011 FY audit has concluded.

The Chair asked whether the 2012 FY financial statement needs to be published and audited to qualify for FDC approval. The Treasurer indicated that this has not been made clear to him.

Charles inquired about the status of the 2013 FY budget. The chair indicated that a draft budget is not yet available. [Log: 16:24-25]


John to immediately set up a 2012 FY audit checklist on the committee wiki. [Log 16:29]


Craig to provide John with a list of all membership payments according to Xero starting 1 July 2011. [Log :16:28]


John to prepare, by 23 September, a membership list as of 30 June 2012 for the 2012 FY audit. [Log: 16:27]


Craig to publish an unaudited 2012 FY financial statement to the public wiki before 1 October. [Log: 16:23]

Social Media Report

Charles has been retweeting from the WMAU account during the Paralympics. Laura provided a report (PDF) that contained information about Facebook and Twitter activity regarding the Paralympics. Her report noted that Wikinews articles about the 2012 Paralympic competitors were often linked on Twitter.

@wm_au on twitter has reached 55 followers. Notably, it had grown from 29 to 53 between July 14 and September 29; events during this time included Wikimania 2012, Wikipedia Takes the AWM, and the 2012 Paralympics. Senator Kate Lundy is now following us and made reference to us in her blog post, Capturing Paralympic History on August 31.

Charles explained that on Facebook, we are represented both by our official Wikimedia Australia page and a Wikimedia Australia group. His recommendation is that we either delete the group, or hand control of it over to community (including renaming it so it is clear it does not represent chapter policy), and use only the page for official chapter actions. The committee agreed with Charles that these options should be put to the group.

John pointed out that there are two Wikimedia Australia organisations on Facebook, and a 'Wikimedia Australia' community page resulting from the Wikipedia redirect w:Wikimedia Australia. Craig indicated that he was not aware how he came to be the administrator of the second Wikimedia Australia organisation on Facebook, and that he would look into removing it.


Craig to investigate removing the additional Wikimedia Australia organisation on Facebook that he is the administrator for.


Charles to ask the Facebook group some existential questions.


Charles to look into methods of tracking social media supporter statistics.

WMAU Program Activity


Senator Kate Lundy blogged about the HOPAU project, and also mentioned it in Parliament: Senate Hansard, pp43-44.

Laura wrote a report and sent it to hopau google list, wikimediaau-l public list (however it hasnt been archived[1]; Question Question: stuck in moderation? who is the moderator? someone ask them what is going on!), wiki-research-l public list (again not archived but a reply was archived[2]),, and It is also linked above through Keith Lyons' blog.

Gregory Blood and Laura Hale both gave presentations about their Wikimedia work for the Olympics, Paralympics and women's sport at AUSPIN 2012, a conference affiliated with the Australian Sports Information Network held at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Camera equipment program

The committee received a large equipment support application from Gnangarra, are in communication with the applicant regarding it, and looking at how the program might be adjusted to remove inappropriate hurdles and tools created to automate tasks.

The quantity and quality of media in commons:Category:Photographs_by_Gnangarra are appropriate, however the metadata for these files does not yet meet the requirements of the program. It was noted that the applicant is working hard to address the metadata requirements, and has been providing feedback where the requirements may need to be revised to be sensible.

During the meeting the committee has agreed that the metadata requirements should be interpreted such that the addition of geocoded categories to images is sufficient to meet the geolocation requirement. wmau:Proposal_talk:Camera_equipment_program#Geocoded_categories

There is also an outstanding discussion on Wikimedia Commons regarding geocoding of photographs of endangered species. commons:Commons_talk:Geocoding#Endangered_species.


Volunteer Support Programme

As part of a move away from ambiguous use of the term 'grant', and the need to clarify many aspects of the small grant program, Craig drafted a 'Volunteer Support Programme' to replace the wmau:small grant program. The draft was provided to the committee on 26 August 2012‎, and copy-edited by committee members before the committee meeting. During the meeting there was light discussion around the issue of real names vs usernames recognising the need to balance principles of transparency and accountability with respecting when pseudonymity of Wikimedia contributors is acceptable. The committee broadly supported the new program as drafted, and recommended that it be discussed in the membership prior to implementation.


In the next few days, Craig will publish the draft Volunteer Support Programme and invite comments. [Log: 16:55]

Other discussions

Do we want either of these to be internal only minutes??

Regional Workshops - New South Wales

Craig has been discussing Regional Workshops with Ellen Forsyth at SLNSW. A session to train SLNSW staff has been tentatively scheduled for October, with Toby Hudson, and Liam Wyatt kindly volunteering to be the people "on the ground" for this training session.


Craig to advise the committee once the date is known.

Estonia Collaboration

The possibility of collaboration with Estonia was raised after discussions between Craig and WMEE board member Ivo at Wikimedia Conference 2012. As Ivo has left their board, Craig talked with Raul Veede of WMEE about the proposed Australia-Estonia competition, and while he seems very enthusiastic about the idea, he's advised that they have no capacity to run it in this calendar year. We will look at this again in early 2013.


Item to be tabled in January or February 2013.

Committee meeting minutes

It was noted that the last resolution regarding committee meeting minutes is wmau:Resolution:Publication of minutes, from November 2008. The committee has held monthly meetings for nearly two years now and has typically been publishing minutes within 28 days, however promptly publishing minutes is seen as an important next step for our organisation to keep in step with our fast moving community. Timely publishing of minutes reduces misunderstandings and facilitates the community holding the organisation to account. The committee recognised that board minutes of other Wikimedia organisations are often available within a few days, however it was noted that the WMAU minutes are often more detailed than other Wikimedia organisations.

The committee agreed that a concerted effort by the entire committee is needed to improve the turn around time on the minutes, sacrificing quality if necessary, as details can be added post publication where requested.


John to set up a minutes template from recently published minutes.


John to draft the minutes tonight and the committee to polish them in the next 48 hours.

Meeting close

Meeting closed at 17:15 (AEST).

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