Meeting:Committee (2013-05-19)

There was a Wikimedia Australia committee meeting on 19 May 2013. It started at 4:21pm AEST


  • Attendance: Craig, Kerry, John, Graham, Steve, Ross (observer)
  • Apologies: Nil
  • Absences: Charles


Craig thanked Peterdownunder and Bidgee for taking on the training session at Wagga Wagga.


Motion: That the Minutes of the meeting held on 24 April be accepted

  • Moved: Craig
  • Seconded: Steve

Carried without dissent

Actions from past two meetings

7 April

  • Graham said CAV had not responded about the committee changes.

for Steve to ring up CAV.

  • John and Craig have discussed the Computer Bank donation.
  • We cannot thank Frances for her help with the Education Symposium until she has written a report about it. Kerry noted that Francis has been unwell.

: John to email Frances about the Education Symposium report.

  • John has processed the reimbursements from the Wikipedia Education Symposium that he has seen. Those of James Neill, Kerry Raymond, and John Vandenberg still need to be processed.
  • John has not written the Campus ambassador plan yet.
  • Kerry has held off talking to Kerry Kilner until Frances has been thanked for her work with the education symposium.
  • The Gold Coast workshop has been organised for 25 June. Kerry hasn't lined up a second person to assist her yet. She was thinking of a particular person (Kim), and John was thinking of someone else.

: For John to follow up with this person.

  • Craig emailed Gideon about Freopedia, and his concerns were largely resolved. John suggested that Anthony Cole should be invited to at least the Perth meetup.
  • John has not yet sent email to Kerrie about the research database

24 April

  • John has not yet made changes to the Wikimedian in Residence policy and Craig has not yet organise a conference call with the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Everyone has checked out the conflict of interest policy. It was concluded that it was fine. Craig will publish it tonight.


Membership report

No new applications were made in April.

  • Email from Luke Trebor Jones regarding holding a racing event to raise money for WMAU. Craig responded 12 May.
  • Email from Lyndall Osborne regarding a workshop at AIATSIS (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies). Graham responded on 12 April and Craig followed up again on 12 May. There has been no further response as yet.
  • Email from Paul Mills of Hockey Australia (HA) asking if we could donate to their organisation: Graham replied, saying that we could not do that sort of thing but could run workshops for HA, but had received no follow-up.
  • Kerry Kilner (University of Queensland, UQ) contacted Kerry Raymond about KR delivering a lecture on Wikipedia to KK's UQ students.
  • Kerry Kilner (UQ) (via some forwarded email) contacted Kerry Raymond about possibilities for big data in the humanities; KR replied about our ideas for research database based on the Wikipedia dump; KK says there may be a meeting about this at UQ in late June which KR has offered to attend.

Finance report

Not done yet.

Contracting proposal

Motion: that the contracting proposal is accepted as approved

  • Moved: Craig
  • Steve

Carried without dissent.

Procurement subcommittee

John will be the ex officio chair as treasurer. He suggested that Ross be on there, and he accepted. There will be a public call for expressions of interest. It was concluded that a meeting of the new subcommittee should be organised as soon as possible.

Bank signatories

Craig will give the relevant forms for bank signatories to Graham when he comes to Perth, and will mail the tax signatories form to John in Armidale.

Craig has booked the trip to Perth and will forward receipts to John. He will be staying with Graham in Perth to keep costs down.

Public liability insurance

Steve will take over dealing with that from Kerry, who is busy.

It was agreed that the insurance options be publicised to the members.

Program activity


There were no objections to Steve being the FDC coordinator; his experience working at the Wikimedia Foundation is a plus.


: Steve to ask how close the non-binding figure in the letter of intent has to be to the figure we present in the actual application.


  • State Library of Queensland: Kerry and Leigh will do training on the Gold Coast
  • State Library of New South Wales: Broken hill and Sydney; Gilllian will do both and Richard will help with the Sydney session

World War I WiR

John talked to the State Library of Queensland, and they are quite keen on moving on. They will fund one Wikimedian in Residence themselves. They're happy either for a public call for expressions of interest or to pick a person from Wikimedia Australia's shortlist.

Research database

Kerry and Craig have talked about it with people at the Queensland University of Technology. They would primarily like to research why people are leaving Wikipedia.

Ross' proposal for Sochi

There was discussion about the possibility of co-funding the trip to the 2014 Sochi Paralympics with the Australian Paralympic Committee. John suggested that the best cost saving would be in sending or hiring a local photographer in Russia.

John left the meeting at 4:12PM.

Next face-to-face meeting

  • It was proposed that a face-to-face meeting be organised at Wikimania.

: John to follow up with the Wikimania organising committee to find a good venue and time for this meeting.


Meeting closed at 4:19PM.

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