Meeting:Committee (2013-08-18)

There was a Wikimedia Australia committee meeting on 18 August 2013. It started at 3:12pm AEST.


  • Attendance: Craig, Kerry, John, Graham, Steve, Ross (observer)
  • Apologies: Charles (observer)
  • Absences: nil


Problems were raised with the July 2013 committee meeting minutes, so it was decided that they be accepted by motion at a later date, in order not to waste valuable meeting time.

Actions from previous meeting

  • John to send reminder emails to people who haven't renewed: not done
  • John to forward links to Wikisource project to committee/membership: not done
  • Craig to update Changing Committee page to mention the COI register: done, created the page; all committee members encouraged to add info. John suggested creating a public copy, and it was thought that was a good idea. Kerry disagreed noting that the policy explicitly stated that it was confidential and for use only by other committee members.
  • Steve to review policies and processes and check for missing things: Not done, because he was struggling to find some of them. It was suggested that they be itemised and that other chapters be used as a model.
  • Craig to contact Gideon and Sam about Wikipedia Takes Fremantle: Done. They are very positive about holding another Wiki Takes Fremantle event.


Two new membership applications have been received in the last month. There was discussion on the process for applying for membership. It was decided to revert to the old procedure, now that Graham has access to CiviCRM.

There was discussion about announcing new memberships to the members mailing list; it was decided that this should be done unless the user objects after payment.

Activity reports

  • Kerry noted that she had spoken with an employee of a federal government organisation who had been making good-faith but problematic edits promoting the organisation's resources on Wikipedia, and that their account had been blocked for violation of Wikipedia's username policy.

For Steve to contact a bureaucrat to ask about getting the account vanished

Correspondence report

  • Regarding an email from the University of Sydney about content on a non-Wikimedia site, Wikimedia Australia responded but there has been no followup.
  • We will follow up with the Australian Paralympic Committee about the disputed copyright status of one of their images.

Finance report

John has not uploaded it yet.

Craig noted that John and Kerry have been added as bank signatories.

Program activity: sports linkage grants

Craig, Kerry and John, along with Murray and Gary from the University of Queensland and Tony Naar from the Australian Paralympic Committee, held a teleconference on Thursday to discuss the next steps to take on this programme. It was noted that the contract for the research project had not yet been drafted. An editathon on wheelchair rugby was also planned during this teleconference, to be held at the State Library of New South Wales on 21 September. Ross said he'd attend this event, and John proposed that this should be funded for Ross and a second person, perhaps Bidgee, through the volunteer support program.


For John to contact Bidgee about going to this event

There was no objection to this volunteer support grant.

It was proposed that a geonotice be added, and that we think about which channels should be used to advertise this event to the public.

Recent workshops

Craig noted that he was contacted by the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) to schedule a meeting on Monday the 20th of August.

The problem of editor retention was discussed in the light of a report Laura Hale wrote about the SLQ. It was proposed that we do workshops in the evenings in Brisbane, like the Portland WikiWednesday. There was also a discussion about use of the VisualEditor, and it was decided that it its use be demonstrated for simple things like spelling and grammar errors.

The State Library of New South Wales is looking in to having another World War I editathon on 23 November. It was suggested that Ross, Nick and Ian be invited to this workshop. Ross said he'd be willing, and the other two will be contacted.

Proposed rule changes

Craig noted that he will be proposing some rule changes at the next AGM. Along with changes to comply with the new CAV Act, he also noted that he will propose to remove the committee's ability to fine members. There was a discussion about the best way to correct a typographical error in the submitted rules.


For Craig to chase this up.

Wikimedia Chapters Association

It was agreed that Wikimedia Australia stay in the association, but it shouldn't actively contribute to it, for now.

Board training

It was decided that money should be set aside for each voting member of the committee to experiment with a short online course run by the Australian Institute of Company Directors. The money would be set aside for people who wish to continue serving on the committee who have little or no relevant experience or training in the area.

Motion: That five lots of $178 are set aside for each committee member to experiment with as they wish.

  • Moved: Kerry
  • Seconded: Craig

Carried without dissent

Obtaining funds

We had a discussion about whether we should apply for FDC round 1 or 2, and consensus was that we should try to apply for round 1.


The meeting was closed at 05:15PM (AEST) after Craig dropped out of the Skype chat.

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