Meeting:Committee (2013-09-15)

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.
Sunday 15 September 2013, 15:00 AEST


  • Attendance: Craig, Kerry, John, Graham, Steve, Ross (observer)
  • Apologies: nil
  • Absences: Charles (observer)


That the Minutes of the meeting held on 21 July be accepted
Moved: Graham
Seconded: Craig

Carried without dissent


That the Minutes of the meeting held on 18 August be accepted
Moved: Craig
Seconded: Graham

Carried without dissent

ACTION: Graham to publish the minutes


  • John to send renewal emails: not done, unsure whose responsibility it was
  • John to forward links to Wikisource project to committee/membership: done
  • Steve to ask a bureaucrat about vanishing account: done
  • John to contact Bidgee about going to the wheelchair rugby event: not done
  • Craig to chase up CAV regarding typographical error in rules submitted after last AGM: done, they have accepted the changes
  • Craig to contact Linux Users Victoria regarding future status of free webhosting: done, but he hasn't received a reply


Membership report

There have been no new members in the past month.

Correspondence report

Craig noted CAV's response to our message, and an email from Gavin Kennedy from Smart Services CRC about the research database to the committee email list.

Several emails were sent to Kerry, John and Craig about public relations for the University of Queensland research grant. John agreed to be the liaison between the University of Queensland and the committee.

Finance report

We have about $85,000 in the bank, $28,000 of which is set aside for the Australian Research Council grant. It was noted that there aren't many future unexpected expenses besides the volunteer support program and the camera equipment program. We have too much money to go to the Grants Advisory Committee, but we need to budget for some things to fuel the perception that we're doing things. It was suggested that we should budget for edit training, Western Australian outreach, employing an administrative assistant, and working on a Wiki Commemorates World War I program.

Sports linkage project

Kerry noted that a contract has not yet been created; we're waiting for an opinion from lawyers.

It was noted that very few people have signed up for the wheelchair rugby editathon. All Wikipedians in Sydney should be notified of the event.

Editing workshops

It was noted that the Ipswich library has cancelled its scheduled sessions. Due to problems with the VisualEditor, and the fact that we're not attracting any long-term editors with the current methods, it was suggested that we conduct "introduction to Wikipedia" sessions that don't involve editing. It was also suggested that we use the Sydney WikiWednesday model in Brisbane.

ACTION: Kerry to follow up with the State Library of Queensland on the WikiWednesday model


Tony1's proposed rule changes

John agreed to second the rule change to remove the ability to fine members.

ACTION: Craig to ask Adam if the current software will be capable of handling Tony's proposed changes to the election rules

Various proposals for having an SGM for Tony's rules (especially on 13 October) were floated. Further discussion is to occur on the committee email list.

Mailing lists

Craig and Steve have created two new email lists on the Wikimedia Foundation server, a members list and an announce list. They intend that all members be subscribed to the announce list (which is for announcements regarding WMAU) and that people choose whether they be on the members list (which will be for general discussion among WMAU members). The configuration of these lists is not set in stone.


The meeting was closed at 5:16PM.

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