Meeting:Committee (2015-11-02)

Committee meeting

2 November 2015

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.
Monday 2 November 2015, 20:00 AEDST

Meeting opened at 20:08



  • Present: Gideon (chair), Pru, Andrew, Charles, Robert
  • Apologies: Steve

Previous minutes

The minutes of the 18 October meeting be accepted:
  • Moved: Gideon
  • Second: Pru
  • Carried without dissent.

Committee vacancies

Special business

As of 28 October 2005, Andrew has assumed the Treasurer position under section 76 of the Act. The following motion passed Committee on 31 October 2005:

  • That the Wikimedia Australia Committee notes that there was an absence of nominations for the Treasurer position at the AGM on 11 October 2015, and that no member to come forward since to fill the vacancy despite an email to all members.
  • That the Wikimedia Australia Committee notes, on advice, that Rule 21(4) is ambiguous in this situation, as a vacancy from an absence of nominations at an AGM is not explicitly covered by Rule 24, but that one reasonable interpretation is that the Association has been technically in breach from 25 October 2015.
  • That pursuant to Section 76 of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic), and noting that Rule 23(2) does not otherwise provide, the Wikimedia Australia Committee appoints its Secretary, Andrew Owens, to the concurrent role of Treasurer from 28 October 2015 until the next AGM.
  • Moved: Robert
  • Second: Steven
  • Support: Gideon, Charles, Pru
  • Abstain: Andrew
  • Carried without dissent.

CAV have advised there will be a need to hold an SGM to ratify changes to the rules. All agreed this should be done with minimum disruption to activities, and that the middle of the year is the best time to do it.

  • ACTION: Andrew to review rules against CAV Model Rules by January, so the committee themselves can review it.
New members
That Tom Hogarth be co-opted to the Wikimedia Australia committee for 2015-16 as an ordinary committee member.
  • Moved: Gideon
  • Second: Pru
  • Support: Robert, Andrew, Charles
  • Carried without dissent.
  • ACTION: Andrew to contact technical team to ensure accounts are created on the two Wikis and on mail server.

Action items from previous meeting


Finance report

No finance report for this meeting as Andrew needs to sort out online access to the account for himself and other signatories. This will be done by the next meeting.

  • Melbourne meal/ transport costs for Gn not yet done in Xero est$200. This will be reimbursed once the Treasurer has access, as the payment heading was previously approved by Committee.

Membership report

Two existing members have confirmed they will renew this month. One new member has applied to join.

Incoming correspondence

  • Jack Kerr - ABC Melbourne, Gideon interview with Michael Pavlich 12:30 am 31st Oct. Gideon reported that this went well.
  • ACNC - Annual report on activities. ACTION: Steven to update information.
  • CAV - Andrew has been advised he needs to submit 4 reports, filing fees are $218 ($54.50 each). ACTION: Andrew to notify committee when done.


Action Items

  • Letter to WMF re:Wikimania. Actions carried over from previous meeting.
  • complete survey on Partnerships & Resource Development from John Andersson - done by Gideon based on committee etherpad.

Program Activity

General business

  • Report on IA conference - Gideon spoke to his report from the conference. Compared to what we were planning for Brisbane, this was a lot neater and simpler. Gideon suggested we look at running a conference on that format (single room, ~100 participants). Perhaps March/April 2016?
  • Berlin - The conference was discussed. It will be held from 20 to 24 April 2016. Members were advised to consider whether they are available to go.
  • Andrew spoke to the advice he'd received from CAV that the complaint on meta lacked merit.
  • WP15 - Perth venue. Gideon spoke to a venue today in central Perth which can provide finger food and drinks at a small cost. Invite media and possibly invite Cas Liber, who wrote Wikipedia's 5 millionth article on English Wikipedia.
  • T- shirts - artwork available. $49 each to members
  • Pru raised VALA conference "bootcamp" in February. Wikidata could present to library sector and a couple of cities and do workshops locally. Committee discussed the fact that Wikidata is driven out of Europe, so to get a presenter may require us to fly one in. Generally agreed without specific resolution and Pru will find out more information ahead of the next meeting.
  • Wiki15 action further venues for events Syd, Melb, Hobart

Next meeting: Monday 16 November 2015, 20:00 AEDST Meeting closed: 21:00 AEDST

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