Meeting:Committee (2015-11-16)

Committee meeting

16 November 2015

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.
Monday 16 November 2015, 20:00 AEDST

Meeting opened at 20:08



  • Present: Gideon, Pru, Andrew, Steven, Charles, Robert, Tom

Previous minutes

The minutes of the 2 November meeting be accepted:
  • Moved: Gideon
  • Second: Robert
  • Carried without dissent.

Committee matters

  • Welcome to Tom - Tom reported on his activity on comm wiki
  • Response to interested applicant - Pru to contact and update her on situation, and invite her as an observer
  • Committee responsibilities
    • GLAM newsletter report - - regular report is an important KPI. Coordinator to write up events at the time
    • copy external reports to comm wiki - Pru to coordinate entry to monthly GLAM newsletter
    • blog - Steve has access to Wordpress. He will organise access for other committee members
    • Communication with members
      • wikimediaau-l - list on WMF servers about Australian topics of interest
      • wikimediaau-members on WMF servers - administered by WMAU committee (Steve and Michael are admins) - financial members only on this list.
  • ACTION: Andrew to do an audit of members across systems and processes for removing ex-members. There are requirements for both a current list and archive of list
  • ACTION: Andrew to check privacy legislation on access to membership list, and Pru to set up Google sheet with access to Treasurer, President


Finance report

  • Treasurer: Transfer of Treasurer access underway.
  • Steve reported current balance $61,970.16
  • Second account has $231.31 - used for debit card payments, eg subscriptions

Membership report

Secretary: 1 new application accepted.

  • ACTION: Steve email copy of welcome letter to Gideon.
  • ACTION: Gideon post as template to comm wiki and send welcome letter
  • ACTION: Andrew to send reminders to expired members

Expense claims

  • Melbourne meal/transport costs for Gideon not yet done in Xero est $200 - payment previously approved by Committee - ACTION: pending
  • VSP Ticket for Warbirds airshow A$45.25, coach/bus A$30.30. Total cost A$75.55 -
That the Wikimedia Australia committee pay Robert Myers $75.55 under the VSP programme.
  • Moved: Tom
  • Second: Steve
  • Abstain: Robert
  • Carried without dissent.

Incoming correspondence

  • PINE - request to update Press contacts


Action Items

  • ACTION: Andrew to review rules against CAV Model Rules by January, so the committee themselves can review it. - continuing
  • ACTION: Andrew to contact technical team to ensure new committee member accounts are created on the two Wikis and on mail server. - Gideon checking Tom's email access
  • ACTION: Steven to update information ACNC - Annual report on activities. - outstanding. Requires addresses from comm
  • ACTION: Andrew -CAV submit 4 reports, filing fees are $218 ($54.50 each). - done.
  • ACTION: Dates for Annual face to face meeting and SGM - Suggested meeting in WA or Melb on March long weekend for Eastern states.

ACTION: Robert and Pru to compile table of dates, costs, flights

    • F2F - no precedent in the timing for setting the meeting. Provisionally placed at 12-13 March - need to decide location based on a comparison of fares.
  • ACTION: Letter to WMF re: Wikimania. Actions carried over from previous meeting: Time has passed. Let this issue lapse.
  • ACTION: Berlin Chapters conference, 20 to 24 April 2016. Members to consider whether they are available to go, so we can develop process of determining representatives
    • Available: Robert, Steve, Andrew, Charles, Tom - 2 funded. Continuity of one previous/experienced member + one new member
  • ACTION: Pru and Gideon to consider delegates: Andrew/Steve as experienced delegate - Charles/Tom/Robert - new delegate

Program Activity

  • Report on Noongarpedia Presentation - Thursday 5th November. Gideon
  • Report on WikiD Architects project final session – Saturday 14 Nov. Pru reported back - formal report by January.
  • Report on Radio National Schools project – Pru
  • WP15 planning
Perth - Gideon
Melbourne – Pru - still in preparation
Sydney – Robert - TBC. To work with Gillian about venue, invites
Hobart – Charles - checking availability
  • Wikipedia gifts /recognition awards for project participants
    • ACTION: Pru to check with Craig on whereabouts of previous load of merchandise
  • Wikimedia Australia T- shirts $49 each to members – process for orders cost recovery only
    • ACTION: Gideon, Andrew and Steve to set up Paypal and website for orders
  • Libraries partnerships - Pru
    • VALA conference session, Thurs 11 Feb 2016
    • Wikidata presenter roadshow Feb 2016
    • ACTION: Pru try a couple of UK people
  • Social media access
  • Facebook : ACTION: Charles adding committee to Facebook
  • Twitter : ACTION: Charles to post username/password to Twitter account on Comm wiki

Next meeting: Monday 30 November 2015, 20:00 AEDST Meeting closed: 21:34 AEDST

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