Meeting:Committee (2016-01-29)

Committee meeting

29 January 2016

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.
Friday 29 January 2016, 20:00 AEDST

Deferred from 25 Jan. Meeting opened at 20:05



  • Present: Gideon (chair), Pru, Andrew, Charles, Robert, Tom
  • Apologies: Steve (joined meeting later)

Previous minutes

The minutes of the 11 January meeting be accepted:
  • Moved: Gideon
  • Second: Pru
  • Carried without dissent.

Action items arising

  • ACNC reporting - done also note process recorded at
  • Travel insurance - still being sorted out
  • ACTION: Andrew to draft process and formulate criteria for WMAU scholarships/funding to Wikimania and circulate to committee. Committee to consider, amend and present at next meeting (25 Jan). - carried forward
  • ACTION: Andrew to identify potential recipients of complimentary membership and bring to next meeting - Carry over


Finance report

The Treasurer noted several items:

  • The WDDT situation means we're temporarily down on funds until Flight Centre reimburses us the partial refund. As noted later, WMID owes us for the remainder. This will all be sorted shortly.
  • Reconciled all the accounts other than the Bendigo accounts which need to be sorted out directly with them due to a connection issue with Xero. Craig and Andrew have discussed and this is on Andrew's urgent list of priorities to sort out.
  • Added 140 unallocated financial entries to cost centres, and renamed the existing cost centres to make more sense. e.g. "OR1012 Wikimania 2014" becomes "WM2014 Wikimania 2014 London". Pru asked if this would cause problems with previous accounting, Andrew advised they had simply been renamed and as they do not belong to groups or categories (they're literally just a name), nothing should change - it should just make it a lot easier for any new treasurer to understand.
  • Continuing work to sort out the accounts.

ACTION: Andrew to manage the contact with Bendigo to transfer any remaining moneys, ascertain the balance and close the accounts.

Membership report

39 members at the present time.

Correspondence report

  • WMID - WDDT- Approach from President, Wikimedia Indonesia requesting partnership in the Wikidata Tour, by extending Andy's journey via Jakarta. It required cancellation of our earlier booked international tickets and booking of new tickets including Jakarta, with cancellation costs and taxes noted. The discussions allocated all costs additional to WMAu to WMID, with a maximum limit from WMID's committee accepted. Ultimately everything was resolved successfully, and there's some very good potential for future collaborations and events.
    • WMID executive Siska provided a letter of guarantee for additional costs incurred $1619, estimated payment 12 February.
  • ABC Perth - Gideon did an excellent interview with ABC Perth on Mon 18 January 2016
  • WM Taiwan - WDDT - Gideon received a Facebook message requesting involvement in Wikidata Tour. This was not possible due to Andy's previous commitments.
  • Consider in the future: Develop a policy on regional partnerships and support for Pacific region where there is no established WM Chapter

Other notes

There'll be an SGM mid-year to change the rules to better reflect the 2012 Model Rules and suggestions by the CAV. Andrew will do a preliminary review and post it on Comm in late February, after which we can have a discussion about those changes and any other changes we can put through at the same time. The intention is that the 2016-17 AGM can be conducted under the modified rules. Andrew as Secretary and Treasurer for this term plans to fix historic issues between the roles in preparation for handover at the next AGM.

Program Activity

Wikipedia 15

Reports and impact

  • Perth: 15+ attendees. Some projects better represented than others. Date is an issue
  • Adelaide: Cobi reported 15+ attended. Free pizza and good twitter presence

& Melbourne: 15 attendees. Presented certificates to student project

WikiData Downunder Tour

  • dongle: Robert will post dongle to Pru
  • Gillian White email
  • contact sheet for Andy while here
  • ACTION: Pru to compile contacts emergency contacts for Andy should there be a need - add to Comm Wiki
  • ACTION: Pru find deadline for GLAM Report

General Business

  • WikiConf - Berlin -
  • Wikimania 2016 -
  • VALA 2016
  • noongar wiki bomb - held 28 Jan - 13 attendees, now monthly wikibombs, working on incubator site
  • Business cards - agenda for next meeting

Next meeting: Monday 15 February 2016, 20:00 AEDST Meeting closed: 21:37 AEDST

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