Meeting:Committee (2017-06-19)

Committee meeting

19 June 2017

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

WMAU committee meeting 19 June 2017

Meeting opened:

   Present: Gideon, Pru, Robert, Tom, Caddie 
==Minutes of previous meeting==
Moved: GIdeon; Second: Pru
Moved: Robert: Second: Gideon

       Business arising
        * Pru to announce scholarship winners - still tonight 


Treasurer's report Bank: $29,516.67 CC: $498.98 PayPal: $108.61

Free Google Apps: On going

Xero fixes: On going - Tom and Craig Franklin actioned the move from Bendigo Bank while Tom was in Brisbane ACTION: Tom to visit Bendigo branch in Perth and determine what is required next. Then organise transfer to Westpac with Gideon and possibly require Graeme Pearce

Wiki Strategy Tour expenses - not done and on going but total paid out was $1000 but need expenses emailed by the end of the month (EOFY) ACTION: Robert and Tom will finalise reimbursements including with WMF Grants Move: Gideon Second: Caddie Passed

Membership report Currently there are 48 members on WMAU membership list Of these 17 have not renewed as yet Clean up of 11 x 2015 members who did not renew for 2016 (2 x WA, 3 x QLD, 1 x TAS, 2 x WA, 2 x VIC, 1 x NSW) - and those who never paid their subscription

Secretary report


Policy seeks assistance- advisory guidance - lead to water - 
Accepted - no responsibility - but train/show


Internal and published - for chapter and wmf Keep this up to date


Stage 1 cycle

stage 2 cycle

Stage 3 cycle - Tour

Meta report

Australian Chapter info

Further strategy issues

ACTION: Tom to compile reports and include summary in these minutes

General Business

Chris Pash - Business insider, reporter Email to requesting information on Google donations to WM Second email asking for 'story' about background to the Fair Use campaign. ACTION: GIdeon will respond via email,

Process when an email received to - at least two members, preferably including the president should make decision on the appropriate response. Consult with committee by email. - Consider reputation/risk profile, and ask for WMF advice if possible

ACTION: Find out what other organisations do about legal advice if required



General Business


Strategies for meetups - targeted topics - market the small grants for local meetups -

Chapter activity - strategic planning: previous plans - - Annual Plan 2015

Standing agenda item for remainder of this committee's term Increased participation - how to build capacity - membership, and committee members

Followup with partners to keep processes running after projects started

ACTION: APG draft - Gideon to circulate AGENDA ITEM: Discuss

Meeting closed: 9.25pm/7.25pm Next meeting: Monday 3 July 8pm/7.30pm/6.00pm

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