Meeting:Committee (2017-07-31)

Committee meeting

31 July 2017

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

WMAu comm meeting 310717

Meeting opened at 18:03 awst


Present: Gideon Pru Robert Tom appologies : Caddie absent

Minutes of previous meeting propose to accept :Pru second: Robert Passed

Matters arising

  • Robert's Berlin report - Ongoing, bogged down with Uni work and Mac issues (crashing), will be done ASAP!
  • Tom's reports - ongoing. Available after Wikimania
  • Donation email responces - Ongoing, per above.
  • GO through Committee wiki and check for handover instructions - ongoing - decide what category to use

ACTION: Tom to reproduce a list of approved categories on comm wiki ACTION: Tom to put CAV details on to comm wiki

  • APG - see below meeting in Montreal

Treasurer Report

Balances; Bank account: $33,971.75 Credit card: $300.70 PayPal: $301.87

BAS done $395 due to be paid to us by the ATO. WMF grant funds recieved $2,372.86, Westpac charged $12 Topup needed for the CC. Est. $600 will come out for Tom's accom when he arrives in NY and Montreal, ontop of $148.50 ($50 has already come out for Xero) in monthly expenses --- want to set that up now --- Done $450 Ran reports and also ran GST Reconciliation report all the way back from 2011 until 2016/17


   That Robert be congratulated and thanked for the number of long-term financial issues dealt with and resolved in the past two months.

Membership report

No new applications 18 members 30 days overdue - to be closed off and credit notes raised after the AGM


  • Kerry Ipswich Library - Gideon responded with support
  • ACNC - FYI

General Business

  • Wikimania,
  • meeting representative

Pre-conference: Distance and isolation 5 minute talk Strategy: Nicole has asked for 150 word and photo re Australian strategy- planning to use Melbourne meetup photo

Adelaide meetup 
- 4 Australian delegates attending + 2 sessions about Wikimedia activities in Australia

Tom requested a contingency pre-payment of AUD$400 - deposit at hotel x 2 - amount $ - airport transfers - US$50 x 2 - train to hotel in Montreal -

Tom abstained from the discussion of the following motion

MOTION: That WMAU approve AUD$400 pre-payment of contingencies of airport transfers or train transfers to or from hotels if required, and to cover possible hotel deposits as needed. Any additional hotel expenses remain the responsibility of the traveller. Reconciliation should be completed by 31 August 2017 and receipts will be required for all claims.

ACTION: Tom to check rates for above expenses. ACTION: Gideon to advise Tom of the motion and arrangements ACTION: Robert to transfer funds to Tom before his departure

AGENDA ITEM: Consider update to travel policy to consider inclusion of contingency pre-payment Consider update to scholarship procedures to clarify practice

  • Social media accounts and other logins - starting to update this page for handover

Meeting closed at 9.20pm / 7.20pm NEXT MEETING - Monday 21 August (Scheduled meeting 14 August CANCELLED for lack of quorum)

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