Meeting:Committee (2017-08-28)

Committee meeting

28 August 2017

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

Wikimedia Australia Meeting, Monday 28 August 2017

Meeting opened at 8.11pm

Present: Pru, Robert, Tom Gideon

Apologies: Caddie

Minutes of previous meeting: 31 July 2017

  • Move: Gideon. Second: Robert
  • Passed

Matters arising

  • Robert's Berlin report (Robert) - On going but almost done but progress has been slow due to uni - due 1 Sept in comm wiki
  • Tom's reports (Tom) -
 - strategy reports - due 4 Sept
  - financial reconciliation - due 4 Sep
  - Wikimania -  
  • Donation email responses (Robert) - Ongoing, need to check if there is any other ways (that isn't PayPal) that donations can be made - procedures for Treasurer
  • GO through Committee wiki and check for handover instructions - ongoing - decide what category to use
   Tom to reproduce a list of approved categories on comm wiki 
   Tom to put CAV details on to comm wiki - ACTION: Tom to send to all committee, reminder about updates 30 days after AGM
  • WLE prizes (Pru) ACTION: GIdeon to send Pru the postal details and names for 10 winners.

ACTION: Pru to send $100 per person debit card, and certificate

  • AGM notifications - spread sheet/calculator on that details the notifications requirements
  Date: Sunday 8 October 
  - Attendees provide Skype ID to Secretary
  - Notice of meeting by 10 September - Tom sending on, email to:  
 -  Nominations open 22 September - 
  - Nominations close  27 September
  - Elections open 29 September
  - Election closes 6 October
  - Membership register closes: 14 September 2017
  ACTION: Tom will receive Skype handles and collate as people RSVP for AGM
    ACTION: Gideon has sent Tom previous AGM and election emails
  • Travel policy updates

- Defer to next meeting.

  • APG (Gideon)

Gideon forwarded emails regarding APG to the committee

Treasurer's Report


   Acc: $33,246.75
   CC: $315.06

PayPal: $306.44

Balance Reimbursements:

   * Wikimania

2 x AU$145 (appox. US$114) paid to Tom for the The Jane. There was an issue for the payment to be made via the WMAU CC which required signed permission from Michael at short notice.

Moved: Robert Second: Pru Passed

Membership Report

No new membership applications 2 more renewals paid, 16 outstanding ACTION: Pru to send reminders once more

Secretary's Report

Catch up in September


  • RH to President referred to WM Legal and Police
  • Concern over publishing personal phone numbers -

ACTION: Gideon will research generic WM-AU phone answering or forwarding service

  • Museum WA - invitation to President for event - Gideon to forward and respond about who is attending

General Business

  • Wikimania

MOTION: That WMAU thank Australians who presented at Wikimania - Liam Wyatt 'Fair use in Australia' - Kerry Raymond Moved: Tom Second: Pru Passed ACTION:

    • Affiliate chairperson meeting

Tom met with individuals about the strategy process Minutes from

    • Winifred Olliff meeting

Tom had conversations with Winifred as requested, and gave a verbal report about this.

Wikimedia 2018 - ACTION: Tom to advise dates in July 2018 in CapeTown

  • Wikimedia Asia Pacific Conference

Robert provided an update as WMAU contact person: ** Planned to be hosted in Indonesia (likely Java, less likely Bali) was February 2018 but looking at other dates later in 2018. Discussions still being made and planning meeting yet to be held.

APG - ACTION: Tom to brief Gideon prior to responding to Delphine

Activity Reports

  • WikiclubWest

Tom reported that SLWA space has now finished.

  • University of Melbourne

ACTION: Pru to add report to GLAM Newsletter

Meeting closed at: 9.39pm/7.39pm

NEXT MEETING: Monday 11 September 2017

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