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Committee meeting

23 October 2017

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Committee) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).


  • Meeting opens at 8.08pm
  • Chair: Pru
  • Present: Pru. Robert, Tom, Caddie
  • Apologies: Steve, Sam, Gideon

Minutes of previous meetings

Committee Meeting 25 September 2017 (Redacted) Proposed: Pru; Second: Caddie; Passed.

Draft minutes from AGM held 8 October 2017. Action: On hold - Tom confirms they will be ready for next meeting. Add to next agenda.

Matters arising

  • WLE prizes - done
  • Action: Winners to be posted on social media (Twitter, Facebook and email to members)
  • Berlin report (Robert)
  • Action: Report to be publicly accessible through Robert's Userpage
  • GLAM Report UoMWiki (Pru)
  • Action: Still outstanding, update next meeting. Add to next agenda.
  • Wikimania follow-up
    • thanks to Liam and Kerry
    • report (Tom) see also Project
    • Action: still outstanding, Tom will do by next meeting

Treasurer's Report

Westpac Acc: $29,766.69

From 1 October:

$50.00 donation
$10.00 membership renewal
$866.25 AON Public Liability
$2,000.00 Kerry WM Scholarship
$300.00 CC top-up
$741.65 Pru reimbursement WLE

CC: $273.29

$68.01 Google
$26.34 Linode
$50.00 Xero

PayPal $5 (somehow a donation was allowed but account is locked)

Proposed: Pru Second: Caddie Passed Action: Robert to provide options for donations (alternatives to Paypal) for next meeting, e.g. Eventbrite:

Membership Report

Arrow green.svg Action: Pru will contact Sam and Steve in regards to membership form.

Secretary's report

  • Review of AGM processes
  • Comm wiki updates: categories and accounts
  • CAV details
  • WLS
  • Robert Whyte as new committee member as of next meeting
  • Montreal followups
  • Action: Pru to provide Tom with WLS Antarctica contacts. Pru to follow up potential new committee members.
  • (Redacted)


  • Katherine Maher Strategy update
  • Kerry Raymond's report received


Project reports

Proposed: Robert Second: Tom Passed: Wikimedia Australia endorses application

Arrow green.svg Action: Pru will endorse on behalf of chapter and encourage individual endorsements

Arrow green.svg Action: Discuss at next meeting after Hobart session.

ACTION: Pru & Gideon to distribute prizes for WLM

Committeee operations

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Website and comm wiki - steve doesn't have password for commwiki - can someone reset and send to him please
  • Social media: Caddie to Tweet winners and Robert to post on Facebook
  • Media (steve is happy to be contact if needed/desired)
  • Processes
  • Action: Deferred to next meeting

Strategic plan 2018

  • WMF strategic direction for endorsement
  • Proposed: Tom
  • Second: Robert
  • Passed: Wikimedia Australia to endorse direction
  • Action: Pru to endorse direction on behalf of Wikimedia Australia
  • WMAU priorities for 2018
  • Action: Deferred to next meeting
  • Action plan
  • Action: Deferred to next meeting
  • APG application actions
  • Action: Deferred to next meeting

Face to Face

Arrow green.svg Action: To keep on agenda for each meeting until planned or conducted


Arrow green.svg Action: Deferred to next meeting, Pru to request Craig to review grant request.


Next meeting: Monday 6 November 2017