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Committee meeting

28 May 2018

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Committee) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

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  • Wikimedia Australia committee meeting Monday 28 May 2018
  • Attendees: Pru, Robert, Tom, Steve, Gideon(late1630awst), Caddie(late1630awst)
  • Apologies: Sam. Robert W,

Previous meeting

Minutes of Previous meeting

Business arising and actions

discussion - regarding elements of response - regarding outcomes from Berlin concern about budget APG guidelines re spending and tracking - avenue to review expense ? separate itemise documentation between APG and our resources

APG - Committee response - ? At this stage a motion or statement - That WMAU accepts the funding from WMF subject to the conditions related to those funds, and acknowledges the reporting requirements outlined by the WMF, Move:Pru Second:Gideon Passed no objections Arrow green.svg Action: Pru to clarify requirements from Morgan and report back to committee ACTION: Pru to send modified budget Budget negotiations various items removed

  • Wikimania 2017 report ACTION: Tom - added to com as a draft - needs change to fit with some eseap issues
  • ESEAP conference 2018 reports (Robert M & Tom) due to report very soon

Tied in with 2019 Eseap preparations pending

  • Wikimania 2018 Pru and Gideon to advise Committee on decision
  • Caddie access to comm wiki ACTION: Sam to email username and password details — done, and added to 'current' user group.

ACTION: Steve to make Robert an admin - done

  • Website hosting for public and private wiki

ACTION: Robert to contact User:Reedy to get a firm proposal and answer questions

in process

ACTION: ongoing proposal to the members list and a final vote - newsletter in process

  • Response to ACTION: Pru to cc: committee and record on correspondence

in process

ACTION: Add to (link redacted). Note: If redirected to, you only have a non-admin account - complete Number of email accounts


President's report (Pru)

  • Planning 1 Jul - AGM - next agenda

Secretary's report (Tom)

  • Explanation of email motions to comm wiki (Tom) - ongoing
  • Records management processes and backups - ongoing (Tom, Sam, Pru)
  • Leave of absence - missing meetings - processes (ongoing)
  • Position and policy/process for communicating major events and notices to membership and community - ongoing
  • inward correspondence and documentation of outcomes
  • affcom issues - related organisations to be included reciprocal membership issue
  • Recovering parts of rules and regs from some years ago —

Correspondence =

Treasurer's report (Robert M)

  • Acc: $39,058.70 CC: $119.44 PayPal: $174.30
  • Income; Nil incoming donations or membership payments
  • Expenses: $50 (Xero)
  • Financial information to WMF re APG
    • Arrow green.svg Action:}: Motion to remove the names of previous account holders, Andrew Owens and Steven Crossin from the Wikimedia Australia, Inc Westpac account
    • Move:Tom; Second:Pru; Passed without objection
  • Motion for extra Westpac Card
    • The holder of the card does have to take liablity but only an issue if the holder misuses the card. Extra additional cards will not cancel the card that Michael has.
    • Recommendation is for the Treasurer to have an additonal card but strictly only to be used for operating expenses (e.g. CAV fees) and payments that have a written supported motion or majority agreement from the committee
  • MOTION: That the Wikimedia Australia Treasurer applies for an additional Westpac credit card for use for operational expenses.
  • Move: Tom; Second: Pru; Passed without objection
  • Arrow green.svg Action:}: Treasurer to organise with Westpac

Membership (Pru)

  • 14 Renewals + 25 outstanding
  • Membership recruitment strategies​
  • Membership form ?
  • Conversation required for membership - email before next meeting
  • ACTION: Pru to start email conversation

Communications report (Caddie & Robert W)

  • Detail of plan and timetable (link redacted)
  • Draft newsletter May/June 2018: (link redacted)


Technical report (Sam)


Local activities

Metrics for events, dashboard for editing

Suggestions - every event reporting needs to be documented Number of attendees: new / existing; What happened at the event - Categories: Is this an Outreach or Community support event? Diversity issues : It assists our funding partner if we can report this data. Do you identify as any one of these diverse backgrounds? Optional question - Just a Yes/No response

Identify possible partnerships for 2018-19 - AGENDA - identify what we can do to support

Reporting 6 monthly - metrics - all activities - partnership issues -

WikiClub NT (Caddie) -possible mid-June in Darwin


  • May MoP ( see below)
  • June Maritime Museum - meetup
  • Jul-Sept SLWA -,ongoing

Melbourne (Pru)

  • ​International Museums Day edit-a-thon, 18 May GLAM report in June

Adelaide (Pru)

  • Meetup Sat 19 May 1Lib1Ref


Meetup 26 May 2018

West Australian member of Wiki Club West initiated

ACTION: Tom get a report from Jeremy

Global activities

ESEAP 2019 (Gideon)

  • Venue - on going
  • Feedback collected from Indonesia - ongoing

Wiki Loves Earth (May) - ongoing

  • Judging
  • Communications

Wikimania 2018 (done)

National activities

Digitising Kit (Sam)

2018 WikiTour Spreadsheet (link redacted)

  • Fixed dates
    • 17-20 Sep ARMs conference Hobart
    • 24 - 28 Sep ASA conference Perth
    • 1 October ALIA event Perth
  • Dates flexible / unconfirmed - to confirm asap
    • SLQ Hackathon, 7-9 Sep
    • NZ
    • Adelaide / Alice Springs
    • Melbourne Uni Melb & Meet up
    • Wikimedia Taiwan

GLAM Peak 2018 ACTION: Reports outstanding

  • Toowoomba Jacinta
  • Newcastle: Gillian
  • Cairns: Kerry
  • Nuriootpa: Pru
  • Alice Springs: 20-21 June 2018 - Caddie

ACTION: Pru to send details to Caddie

  • Broome: 26-27 June 2018 - TBC
  • GLAM Peak follow up activities
  • ACTION: Record prospects and activities on comm
  • Museum of Perth

- Wikipedian-in-Residence post ACTION: Tom will write up for next AGENDA

  • Geelong Heritage Association - Pru

TROVE Consultative Group (Pru) - Upcoming meeting Monday 4 June at National Library ACTION: Pru to raise issue of feeding in to Trove from Australian topics on en.wikipedia, nys,wikipedia and commons


Meeting closed: 5.53/7.53

5:55 wa time Next meeting: Monday 11 June 4.00/5.30/6PM Note Public Holiday NSW, NT & VIC