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Committee meeting

11 June 2018

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Committee) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

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*Wikimedia Australia committee meeting, 11 June

  • Attendees Pru, Gideon,Tom, Sam, Robert,
  • Apologies: Caddie (going to be late), Steve

Previous meeting

Minutes of Previous meeting, Monday Monday 28 May 2018 Meeting:Committee_(2018-05-28).

  • Moved:Gideon; Seconded:Robert; Passed without dissent.

Business arising and actions

  • APG application
    • final budget (link redacted)
    • Arrow green.svg Action: : Start a page on comm that records issues and questions related to budget and APG - for possible work with Asaf at f2f:
    • Arrow green.svg Action: : new tracking categories required in Xero to enable accurate reporting -- Xero limits tracking categories to two active only (currently have State and Cost Centre), list makes it more diffecult to have a budget in Xero. Have setup APG in the Chart of Accounts.
      • Robert - Tracking categories — 2 types — local and overseas — system allows only 2
      • Cost Centre - governance (APG) - need easy access to enter
      • Move states - if not - difficulty - Active categories
    • Arrow green.svg Action: : Clarify requirements from Morgan and report back to committee (Pru)
    • Arrow green.svg Action: : Pru to send modified budget to Delphine - DONE
    • Arrow green.svg Action: : Grant Report format and pages in CommWiki - Tom and Sam
  • Wikimania 2017 report ACTION: Tom - added to com as a draft - public version due before end of month - linked wth ESEAP report
  • Website hosting for public and private wiki
    • ACTION: Robert to contact User:Reedy to get a firm proposal and answer questions - ongoing
    • ACTION: ongoing proposal to the members list and a final vote - newsletter


President's report (Pru)

  • Planning 1 Jul - AGM - next agenda

  • Annual Plan - details of responsibilities relative to reporting requirements internal documentand calendar
  • Committee calendar: (link redacted)

Secretary's report (Tom)

  • Explanation of email motions to comm wiki (Tom) -
    • Do we need some way to ensure proposals are seen by all committee members (technical solution)?
  • Records management processes and backups - (Tom, Sam, Pru) - needs more work before end of fy. Will happen more after the move of the wikis to WMF servers.
  • Leave of absence - missing meetings - processes - require policy and process re announced absence
  • Position and policy/process for communicating major events and notices to membership and community
  • inward correspondence and documentation of outcomes
  • affcom issues - related organisations to be included reciprocal membership issue
  • Recovering parts of rules and regs from some years ago —


  • 21/5/2018 Letter from Andrew Leigh, MP Shadow Assistant Treasurer re changed to AEC reporting requirements for charities from 1 March 2018 -
  • 31/5 WMF Grant agreement - (link redacted)
  • 5/6/18 Paul Donoughue -- ABC requested to talk to editors who update articles about recent deaths -- referred to Tom & User:Longhair (no further action)
  • 5/6/2018 Email from Melody from WMF digital media team - Gideon replied
    • Arrow green.svg Action: Caddie to forward relevent items.
  • 6/6/2018 Email from Murray regarding Mobile Phone Wiki - Sam replied. No further action required.
  • 7/6/2018 CAV New streamlined CAV/ACNC reporting from 1 July 2018 - (link redacted)
    • No longer need to do two reports.
    • Arrow green.svg Action: Tom to update procedures re changing of committee members.
  • 8/6/2018 ASA Conference invoice - (link redacted)
    • Motion: that we will fund silver sponsorship of the ASA Conference 2018 to the value of $2,500 for the WMAU booth at the conference; keynote speaker slot; two workshops; one other speaker slot and 2 registrations (in addition to keynote) also 2 seats at the preconf dinner . Moved by Pru, seconded Gideon; passed without dissent.

Treasurer's report (Robert M)

  • Acc: $36,188.66 CC: $69.70 PayPal: $183.74
  • Income; $3.32 (acc interest), $0.01 (cc interest), $10.00 (donation), $10.00 (membership)
    • Future income: $33,750.00 (APG)
  • Expenses: $531.36 (Pru reimbursment for RM Wikimania related domestic travel), $2,352 (Helloworld Wagga, Wikimania international travel), $22.35 (Google, for first part of May, $27.40 (Linode)
    • Future expenses: $379.02 (Wikimania reg reimbursment), $2,500 (ASA conference sponsorship)
  • Financial information to WMF re APG - done
    • ACTION: Remove the names of previous account holders, Andrew Owens and Steven Crossin from the Wikimedia Australia, Inc Westpac account - ongoing to done this week (public holiday in NSW)
    • ACTION: Treasurer to organise additional card with Westpac - ongoing to done this week (public holiday in NSW)
  • Hotel bookings still need to be done and insurance - not added to future expenses, final costings could change
  • Estimated costings.
  • Cape Town accom: $652 AUD
  • Sydney accom: $109
  • Insurance: $70-$115

Membership (Pru)

  • 1 new member
  • 22 outstanding
  • Membership recruitment strategies
  • Membership form draft
  • ACTION: Pru to start email conversation

Communications report (Caddie & Robert W)

  • Detail of plan and timetable (link redacted)
  • Draft newsletter May/June 2018: (link redacted)


Technical report (Sam)


Local activities

Metrics for events, dashboard for editing Suggestions - every event reporting needs to be documented Number of attendees: new / existing; What happened at the event - Categories: Is this an Outreach or Community support event? Diversity issues : It assists our funding partner if we can report this data. Do you identify as any one of these diverse backgrounds? Optional question - Just a Yes/No response Identify possible partnerships for 2018-19 - AGENDA - identify what we can do to support Reporting 6 monthly - metrics - all activities - partnership issues -

  • WikiClub NT (Caddie)

-possible mid-June in Darwin


  • Museum of Perth, Wikipedian-in-Residence post ACTION: Tom write up for next AGENDA
  • June Maritime Museum - meetup
  • York meeting, 12 June Gideon
  • MOTION: WMAU will pay $100 towards the cost of transport. Moved: Tom; seconded Pru; passed without dissent. (APG programme: Outreach).
  • Jul-Sept SLWA - ongoing. 3 workshops on Sat/Sun. (APG programme: Community Support).
  • Toodyaypedia - issues with wp editors negative impact - result Gn trip Toodyay 1/6

Melbourne (Pru)

  • Public History panel, 12 June
  • Meetup, Sun 8 July Fed Square


ACTION: Tom get a report from Jeremy Mid-August possible Sydney Meetup

Global activities

ESEAP 2019 (Gideon)

  • Venue - on going
  • Feedback collected from Indonesia - ongoing

Wiki Loves Earth (May) (Gideon)

  • Judging
  • Communications

Wikimania 2018 (Robert)

  • President's meeting
  • Coolest projects

(link redacted)

National activities

Digitising Kit (WA)

2018 WikiTour Spreadsheet (link redacted) ACTION: Quotes for flights

  • Fixed dates
  • 17-20 Sep ARMs conference Hobart
  • 24 - 28 Sep ASA conference Perth
  • 1 October ALIA event Perth

  • Dates flexible / unconfirmed - to confirm asap
  • SLQ Hackathon, 7-9 Sep
  • NZ
  • Adelaide / Alice Springs
  • Melbourne Uni Melb & Meet up
  • Wikimedia Taiwan

GLAM Peak 2018 ACTION: Reports outstanding

  • Toowoomba Jacinta
  • Newcastle: Gillian
  • Cairns: Kerry
  • Nuriootpa: Pru
  • Alice Springs: 20-21 June 2018 - Caddie

ACTION: Pru to send details to Caddie - DONE

  • Broome: 26-27 June 2018 - TBC
  • GLAM Peak follow up activities
  • ACTION: Record prospects and activities on comm
  • * Geelong Heritage Association, - Pru

TROVE Consultative Group (Pru) - Report on meeting Monday 4 June at National Library ACTION: Pru to raise issue of feeding in to Trove from Australian topics on en.wikipedia, nys,wikipedia and commons


ACTION: Steve set up Google form for next meeting

Meeting closed

Next meeting: Monday 25 June 4.00/5.30/6PM Meeting:Committee (2018-06-25)